Here how to impress in your first 10 seconds

Here’s how to impress in your first 10 seconds

With most of you appearing for interviews soon after the entrance exams, making a good first impression is extremely important. A great first impression helps you win half the battle. The rest depends on the further interest you can generate. Body Language rules help you to attract people when you meet someone new. Within ten seconds of meeting someone, he/she concludes many things about you-your confidence or nervousness, interest or disinterest, ability or inability – based solely off your body language. No doubt the first 10 seconds are not entirely conclusive, but they matter a lot when you have to compete in a crowd- impress someone, close a sale or make a friend.

Asia Pacific Institute of Management endeavours to help students and working professionals with essential body language rules that help you notch up great points for yourself in the first 10 seconds of the meeting-

  1. Keep the right posture-Your posture has a remarkable impact on the way people look at you. To make sure you have the right posture all you have to do is a simple exercise- Raise your shoulders toward your ears, roll them back and then drop them down. Doing this shall make you stand up straight, keep your head high and your shoulders to stay back. Suchposture exudes confidence. Not just showing it off, this posture shall make you feel more confident too on the inside. Try it!
  2. Attitude is the key– Your body language reflects your attitude and how you feel on the inside.  Make sure when you are meeting anyone for the first time, you make a conscious decision of the attitude you want to exemplify or show.  Your body language will automatically follow what you feel on the inside. If you are eager to join an organisation and keep telling yourself that you really wish to make it on board, your body language shall unconsciously reveal that. So make sure you make up your mind really well before going.
    If you want to be seen as friendly and forthcoming, consciously decide to adopt an affable and friendly attitude before meeting. On the contrary, if you walk into a meeting uninterested or insecure or pretty too casually, your body language will inherently reflect that.
  3. Smile and smile warmly– A smile is something which sets a positive precedent before we talk as our brain is conditioned to respond positively to someone who is smiling. A warm smile that grows larger as you get closer makes people like you immediately. So when you enter the room, start with a small smile, and then widen it as you look at the person.
  4. Eye Contact– Know the difference between a stare andengaging eye contact. Strong eye contact is a way of transmitting energy. To make the right amount of eye contact, practice noticing the colour of his or her eyes. This will make you look at a person’s eyes for the right amount of time, which will make them feel like you are truly interested in what they have to say.
  5. Lean on ahead maintaining the right amount of space-This is a clear body language that shows that you are truly engaged in what they have to say. We recommend keeping the right amount of personal space between yourself and the personbut make sure you do not overdo it.
  6. Flash your eyebrows –When greeting someone new, you can use your eyebrows to make them feel welcome. An eyebrow flash – i.e. a brief eyebrow raise – when meeting someone new while opening your eyes slightly wider than normal is a signal of friendly recognition.