How to bell the CAT in the next 720 odd hours?

It is a proven fact that Rome was not made in a day, it took time, and the same is with the CAT examination. It takes rigorous hard work and persistent practice of almost a year to crack this hard nut. But if all those hard work is not correctly managed in the last 30 days (720 hours), then even a well-prepared student could lose the battle, and a mediocre could win by working smartly in the last minute. Students by now might have already completed the entire CAT syllabus and have become aware of their strengths and weakness, type of questions, and much more. They must follow the below-listed points in the last 30 days to their examination, prepared by an expert for CAT 2019, to give a final Midas touch:

  • Take a daily glance at the CAT Exam Pattern, mathematical tables, squares, cubes, and your shortcuts.
  • No new concepts could be learned over this fortnight, so better to focus more on your strong areas and practice a lot on the weaker one.
  • Attempt as many CAT Mock test papers as you can. The more you sweat out practicing at home, the lesser you will be drained out in the exam hall.
  • Make sure to devote a minimum of 2-3 hours a day to mentally planning your approach for the exam hall.
  • Divide your paper as per your skills and do not waste much time at one particular question, try those questions which you can solve easily and quickly. Remember to score good percentile, you do not need to solve all problems, your accuracy only matters.
  • Consistently work to improve upon your weak areas by allotting more time on practicing mock.
  • Now, you should take only full-length mocks of varying difficulty levels, which will help you to mould your mind with the exam pattern.
  • Try to make salient bullet points of all concepts which you have mastered over and revise them every night before sleep.
  • Fake it till you make it, try to think as you have already cleared it. It will lower down your tension and stress related to the darker side of any exam.
  • Be ready for the CAT exam day as any normal day, and never let the anxiety of competition to ruin your concentration.

Remember the beginning of becoming an efficient manager has already started with, how well a student manages the most valuable and non-conservative thing of life, the time. Make a sincere effort within the time to reach your fate, and never let time to decide your fate. Good luck Guys!!