How To Get Admission In A Good Management College?

How To Get Admission In A Good Management College?

Today, a business management degree is most sought after for anyone who wants a career in the corporate world. You will not be surprised to see that huge number of students sit for MBA entrance exam every year. All of them aspire to get admission in a good management college. But, the fierce competition makes it difficult for them to achieve their dreams. The best way to clear all your troubles is through thorough research about the admission process and colleges your profile matches with. Know about the eligibility requirements, entrance test procedures you can read business magazines and search the websites of colleges.

The usual MBA admissions comprise two parts, both of which have significantly different requirement; one is the entrance examination (CAT / XAT / MAT) and the WAT/GD/PI process.

To crack the CAT depends on how much and how well you are prepared for it. It also depends on whether your work allows you enough time and energy to prepare. Coaching helps some students to become regular and get back in touch with some concepts they had last studied almost 3-4 years ago. It also helps in focusing on specific areas and get accustomed to the online mode of answering. However, many students have been able to get a good percentile without coaching. Some students just take test series to assess their preparation and get a feel of the competition.

But get a decent CAT score is not enough. Getting into a good B-school then depends on a whole lot of other factors which are beyond CAT. To start with, your 12th and graduation percentage becomes a judging criterion against many other applicants. However, it is not impossible to get in to decent college if your score is not great. Academics is one of the criteria, your WAT/ GD/ PI along with your profile plays a crucial role. The Written Ability Tests (WATs) or Group Discussions (GDs) requires you to have a firm grip on the current affairs of the business world, conceptual clarity and clear opinion about the recent happenings in the corporate arena.

Outside of academics, it requires a stellar profile to convince the interview panel that you can undertake two years of intensely demanding academic and extracurricular work. Personal Interview (PI) checks your grip over your concepts, your communication, style your conviction and overall fit to the college. To prove your fit to the college and exhibition of a decent personality extracurricular activities help. Participating in competitions during college can substantiate your claim so participate, and win competitions which are aligned with your passion. Being able to discipline yourself enough that you are able to win competitions in a field on a regular basis is an excellent indicator of potential to lead.

Apart from this you opt for community service. Volunteer with local NGOs and genuinely making a difference will portray you social conscious individual. So if there is a local Rotary Club, join them and help them organize their community outreach programs. Actively support these institutions by providing them with more than just a pair of hands.

Your college name, extra – curricular activities, internships etc. do not play any role in getting you an interview call but they can definitely be instrumental in converting those calls. If you wish to improve your credentials, you first need to think about the time and effort you’re willing to put in to make that happen. Only, joining clubs or being part of organizing events is enough. It is to be noted that if you wish to have strong credentials, the time and effort required to build them up have to be put in. Most often, interviewers can tell the difference between someone who worked just for a line on a CV, and someone who genuinely put in effort and earned that recognition.