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How to turn your weaknesses into strengths

In management jargon we often talk about a SWOT analysis. A SWOT analysis refers to an assessment of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. We, at Asia Pacific Institute of Management firmly believe in the power of human growth, human change, and that we can and should be constantly revising and improving ourselves. We believe that weaknesses can be turned into strengths, if the right endeavour is there.

It does take a lot of conditioning and hard work to change ourselves, to overcome our weaknesses but we also believe we have all the capabilities within us to do so, especially when we decide to.

Asia Pacific Institute lists 5 top strategies which can prove quite useful if you are determined to turn your weaknesses into strengths-

  1. Admit your weaknesses– This is the starting point. Unless you find or identify your weakness, you shall never overcome them. A weakness could be anything that hinders your optimum performance. It could be being extremely unorganised, highly emotional, inflexible, unrealistic, stubborn or unpunctual. Any trait that stops you from performing your best is a weakness. Do not that what could be a weakness for you might be someone else’s strength depending on his/her profession. For eg, being emotionless might be a weakness for an actor but a strength for a doctor or nurse who are always in a depressing environment. SO identifying your weakness is the first step towards conversion.
  2. Create a to-do list of your weaknesses– Treat your flaws simply as items on a to-do list. Never let your weaknesses overpower you and make you disheartened.   Do not feel that any weakness is a permanent state. It should be looked upon as simply as a part of the learning process.
  3. Team up with someone with the strength that you want– If you could partner up with someone who’s best at what you are bad, it could prove to be a great learning experience. Make him your mentor and learn from him the best way of doing things. If marketing is your weakness, hang around with someone who is great at it, to learn his marketing skills.
  4. Learn professionally– Enrol yourself to study and convert your weaknesses into strengths. For instance if communication is difficult for you, join some classes which groom you in public speaking and conversational skills.
  5. Build up your confidence level– While you work on your weaknesses; keep polishing your strengths as well. This shall be a great reminder to boost self confidence as working on something which is your forte shall create a positive impact.
  6. Grow with your mistakes– No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. What is important is how we turn our mistakes into lessons for life. Some of us want to challenge themselves to change and some of us remain complacent and continue making the same mistakes. Avoid being complacent. Learn from your mistakes. Look at them as lessons learned or growing pains. You are sure to come out a better person after having your lessons learned than if you had never made the mistake at all.