Last year my batch had the Convocation Ceremony

I just come across the convocation ceremony of my college to be held on 14th October 2019 for the current batch on social media, and I started thinking of my convocation ceremony held in 2018. For any college two days are too emotional, one when new students join onboard and on the last day of college when both the college and students say adieu to each other on the final convocation ceremony.

My batch was the naughtiest batch of the entire history of Asia Pacific Institute of Management (AIM), New Delhi, and during our college session every day we were making plans what we will do when college session will end and prayed to God to quicken the time period, as we badly wanted to come out of college and to start our management life and to earn money.

When the last day came for our session, the entire batch had opposite feeling and nobody wanted to leave the campus, but who can control the passage of time, and see now, we have completed one full year out of college, how quickly the time passes. Ohh God please reverse the time, I again want my childhood days and especially the AIM college days, the guidance of Dr. S. P. Chuhan sir, motherly like treatment of Dr. Surabhi Goyal ma’am, Friends like treatment from Ritika Gauba ma’am,  and many more.

For our convocation ceremony, we got invitation mail, and our entire batch got excited about the reunion and started making plans on the WhatsApp group. On the ceremony day, I wore navy blue trousers and a white shirt with a navy blue suit and all the other boys too wore the same, while girls were in sarees and salwar suits.

The ceremony started with the arrival of Chief Guest with the retreat beat ceremony, the ambiance was motivating and exciting, and we all were about to be facilitated in front of our family. It was a proud moment for all of us.  We were even wearing the typical dress of convocation ceremony with even mortarboard on our head.

After the chief Guest addressing to the audience, he signaled to start the distribution of diploma and medal.

After the award ceremony, the entire batch had group photos and we even took selfies with our loved faculties, as that would be the last meeting with them, even there was delicious lunch from our college side to all of us. Then the last thing came for which we all were excited, the moment to throw our mortarboard up in the sky.
I have saved all these photos on my Google drive and will protect them long and to cherish and remember those golden days of my life. Currently, I am working as a manager in Jaguar (land rover) and earning a good salary and I owe a lot of things to give back to the college in reverse. I will surely try to do hard work and will reach to the zenith of my field, and will purse the newcomers to join the college AIM where everyone is like a family and the ease with which faculties express even the complex subject matters, that the hectic management studies become a cakewalk.
I am proud AIMiam