Let PGDM in Marketing Program to sell out your Resume in Market

When does the work complete of any business unit, which is producing any item to sell in the market. Is it after purchasing of all raw materials or after processing them to a final product? If your answer is once all the raw material is processed and reaches the final stage, you are purely wrong. For any business unit, the production of a final product is only halfway through, the next half is still there to cover, and that is called marketing. This is also an important phase of a business unit.


  • Marketing increases the shine of a product
    1) After the production stage, the marketing stage get activates for any product, this increase the brand value of it, and helps to increases people’s attention to it.2) Marketing plays an important role in making any product to crowd out it from other competitors of the same horizon.
    3) Marketing strategies are made to penetrate the market, either to rule it or to destroy the other competitor’s products.
    3) Marketing plays the role of the mouth of any product, which tells the general public about itself, as whatever is in limelight gets attention. This makes the task to sell any product easier.
  • Why do companies spent millions of currency on marketing
    1) Do you know recently in the cricket world cup, an advertisement for even a few seconds charges millions of money to companies. By investing million, these companies make billion or trillion of money, this is the advantage of marketing. 2) Marketing increases the sale percentage, it increases the brand value among the people, as it is a very common view, whichever brand is famous is only good to use.
    3) It increases the perfect way to increase awareness of the product.
    3) It helps in increasing the customer’s number.
    4) It prepares a solid platform and gives a launch pad to any product.
    5) It creates credibility and trust among the customers, as when any company does marketing, they claim many things, and if they provide them regularly, then it develops trust, this makes the solid bond in between them.
    6) Companies invest million so that they could stay in the market for long. It provides good mileage to any product.
  • Who make the marketing strategies?
     These marketing strategies are made and developed by marketing managers; these managers make many plans and proposals; they execute many fieldwork and campaigns to promote the product. These managers work in coordination with the market, and they study the market with all in-depth and good analysis, and then make strategies to popularise the product.

    So companies hire many marketing managers as well to increase the profit and to make many strategies so that the products must leave an impression on the public mind and they every time make their first choice to purchase it.

             Career Opportunities after PGDM in Marketing

  • Brand Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Digital Marketing

If you are a fresh graduate from premier B school then you can get an average salary of 6-7 lakhs with the highest salary of even 18-19 lakhs per annum. All the above post an exciting and promise a most adventurous managerial work to do.

Which college is most famous in the market regarding its PGDM in marketing program.
Asia Pacific Institute of Management (AIM) is located in New Delhi, which is a hub of many big and small multinational as well as national companies. Being a nation’s capital this place has headquarters of every company, and students of AIM are on high demand every year among the companies, which makes this college a highly desired college among the students.
AIM is among the top ranking colleges of northern India, and its PGDM program in marketing is AICTE approved, in which AIM has made the curriculum which is strictly a business oriented program.