MBA: A stepping stone to convert your passion into career

Well, it is quite common to see people using MBA to dive into their passion. Famous career counsellor, Mr. Dan Bauer, an MBA graduate from Harvard Business School, current MD and founder of The MBA Exchange, was asked about his career advice to give to experienced professionals looking for a career change. And he stated that there is nothing better than doing an MBA/PGDM program for a major career change. As per Dan Bauer, this is due to three reasons:

• A good reputed B-school exposes the students to the management skills and industry know-how that is must for the new job.

• PGDM course opens up your thought process to new possibilities. PGDM program exposes you to a strong network of professionals, employers and accomplishers in your new career choice. This is highly precious networking platform which will help you succeed in your new career in the shortest possible time.

MBA definitely opens up doors to a new career in many ways. The best part is that you get absorbed with a desired job profile on campus if you are good enough and are enrolled in any of the top management colleges in India.

Internship helps tremendously!!

Majority of top PGDM colleges include a summer internship program for the students for time duration of two to three months. It is an excellent opportunity to opt for a risk free career change or to test the untested territories for free. There is no risk involved in taking up internship on experimental basis and you don’t lose out on anything.

It is a great way to test your passion or area of interest which does not match your career preference in the past.

What do the Surveys indicate?

According to GMAC’s survey, in 2014, around 5% MBA graduates turned out to be entrepreneurs but the last year in 2017 around 45% of students turned out to be entrepreneurs. In another survey by GMAC, around 1621% is the return on investment on a part-time MBA course. Usually, these returns are realized within 10 years.

MBA is all about learning to juggle between various different job roles. Though, the roles and scope of work is defined but may change or evolve as per the changing demands or circumstances of the organization.

The following survey by GMAC throws light on the various different job roles and functions that an MBA can opt for post the degree.

This survey talks about the broad applicability of MBA program which maakes you eligible to fit in different work profiles. Moreover, good guidance by industry Stewarts help the students to figure you the right opportunities for themselves.

As per the Corporate Recruiters survey conducted recently in February and March, 2018, around 81% of companies are willing to hire MBA graduates over plain graduates or graduates with some other specializations. The companies agree that hiring these graduates help them to add value to their organizations.

MBA as connecting link between your past career and the new one
It takes plenty of time and efforts to rebuild a career in a new field. If you are hopping on to a new career then you need to be ready to invest a lot of extra hours of learning about the new field.
But, when you take up an MBA to support this career twist, you actually end up saving a lot of hours or time in learning about the new job. You are provided with the right set of subjects, knowledge and the required hands on skills to excel in the new field.

All B-schools in Delhi and NCR offering an AICTE and Ministry of HRD (Govt. of India) PGDM program have a career counselling cell where a career expert shows you the right path ahead. You got to meet people with decades of experience as your mentors who easily train you on the nitty-gritty’s of the new profession. So, this goes on to show that MBA is a great way to enter into a new field with no past experience at all.

Think before you leap!
Though MBA is definitely the key to make a career change successfully, yet, there are certain points that you must keep in mind. There are two ways in which you can opt for a new career. One is by changing the industry you are working with and other is by changing the job function you are engaged in currently.

At any point of time, it is advisable not to change both the industry as well as job function together. In doing so, you may get short of transferable skills in such stark change. So, either stick around with the same industry and change the job function or vice-versa.

Most people fail when they make sudden drastic changes in their career. Of course, the chances of making stark changes get reduced if you pursue MBA/PGDM program. As, when you pursue internship, you get a chance to test a new job, or, alternatively you get hired by the same industry you have past work exposure in, for a new job role.

A lot of people work for a decade or so to figure out their interest and then they opt for MBA with super-specialization to brush up the new skills. This trend is gaining popularity all over the globe and surely, it makes a lot more sense to dive into something specific after understanding where your interest lies.

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