MBA: The best way to seek career overseas

Of course, many of you aspire and dream to take up a job in the advanced economies of US, UK, Australia, Singapore and Dubai. But, of course, you keep wondering how to go about it. Well! the answer to your concern is right here on this blog post. One of the reliable ways to build an exciting career overseas indeed is an MBA or PGDM program.

Generally speaking, going for a job to a foreign land can be tough and challenging at times. Primarily, because you are not aware of the work culture, the local culture, the policies and the procedures of the land and you may feel lost at every step. Hence, pgdm courses equip you with the most important requisite of cross-cultural competency to be able to work globally.
The MNCs are open to hiring MBAs for specific jobs because the demands of industries are rapidly changing, leading to change in skill mixes. Fortunately, now the developing countries are also opening up to hire expatriates to push up their GDPs.

But, going abroad and working there for long could be very difficult if you are not prepared for it. So, here is how MBA serves as a great medium to seek overseas opportunities and to settle down there in the long term.

1. Professional Acumen: A PGDM program grills you to the core to bring out the best version of yourself. It provides you the right knowledge and hands on skills to build up good overseas hiring opportunities for you. The recruiters are aware that they can count on you because of the professional acumen that you have developed during your management curriculum.

Students who have undergone a two year full-time management program are exposed to foreign culture quite a few times and are well-prepared to handle cultural change positively. Moreover, A post graduate diploma in IB or International Business offers subjects like cross cultural management, international business, global trade management, barriers to international trade, strategic human resource management, principles of global business management, etc. which educate the students about the nitty-gritty’s of work culture, trade culture, business practices, mannerisms, social norms, the organizational hierarchies and structure, work practices, expatriate hiring policies, etc.

This is an extremely valuable input and prepares the students to absorb the shock for a cultural change.

2. Skills to overcome ‘the trough’: MBA from top management colleges in India gives you enough international exposure in terms of foreign study tours, excursions, student exchange programme, faculty exchange programmes, business conferences, etc. to get the exposure of the culture outside India.

As they say, most people coming to foreign land go through a ‘U-curve’, where they experience euphoria in the beginning but as time passes by, they find themselves out of place and long for familiar surroundings back home.

MBA eliminates the low phases in the U-curve and makes the entire relocation to overseas land much easy and smooth. A course from the best colleges for PGDM in Delhi also helps you to build a strong network of professionals which is always helpful to find a company in the foreign land.

3. Foreign Language exposure: Students who enrol for the international management programs also get an excellent opportunity to learn a foreign language of their choice. The languages taught are Spanish, German, English, French and Chinese.

Of course, living in a foreign land knowing the foreign language makes a lot of difference. You are able to manage all the basic requirements and can gel well with the locals and colleagues at work.

Non understanding of the local cultural codes can lead to misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

4. Better Salary Figures and designations: As per the report published in com in 2017, expatriates holding MBA or PGDM in International Business were given a privilege and earned a better salary. The business development directors were offered 143,933 $ and the marketing directors were paid 100,795 $.

5. Systematic Transition: After doing a PGDM program or MBA, generally the graduates are hired by MNCs operating in India. After a few years and based on the performance, the candidates are sent on international assignments.

MNCs usually provide an elaborate training on the host country’s work culture, the social norms, customs and the do’s and don’ts. Moreover, having worked for an organization makes you extremely familiar to its core values and culture of the parent organization which remains the same no matter which part of the globe you are in. Hence, there is a lot of ease and comfort of going abroad and settling down in work.

6. Flexibility and Open-mindedness: A PGDM program gives you a lot of flexibility to choose career options from a wide range of options. Even when you choose a specialization in the second year, you are still open to a broad range of career options as MBA includes learning of all basic functions of an organization.

MBA also plays a critical role in helping you learn the crucial soft skills to become effective communicators. These soft skills help the students to become good global citizens, good communicators and sensitive and respectful towards others culture and ethnicities.

MBAs offer a holistic development to students who aspire to lead and manage the business empires across the globe. No doubt, MBA does provide a reliable way to overseas career options.

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