Moolmantras to crack Interview for any top MBA college in India

Moolmantras to crack Interview for any top MBA college in India

Some of you may have the interview call letter or some of you might be expecting an interview call for the top b school for the PGDM program as admission season is around the corner. Interview is the first formal interaction point between an aspirant and the management schools. That is the time you convey your talent, drive and personality and you don’t want to take chances at that moment.

Having a feel of the question questions can certainly reduce the level of nervousness during any interview and preparing accordingly will smoothen your professional skills and strength. But always remember one thing the interviewer is always looking to know you as a person. Whether or not you would be fit for the college’s culture, how are you going to contribute to the college as a student, would be you be able to cope up with the academic assignments, projects etc.

Before applying to any top MBA colleges in Delhi, the most important thing you need to work on is on your resume. Know your resume in and out. Don’t mention anything that you are not aware of. What I have observed is that the candidates, in order to differentiate their resume, add up unnecessary things which are not required. Remember one thing you have to differentiate yourself not your resume to impress the interviewer or to get selected. After crystallizing your resume, ask yourself these key questions:

  • Can I clearly articulate my career plan and future goals? (talk about your specialization and the industry that you are targeting at to join, in future)
  • What is my motivation to obtain an MBA? (talk about opportunities in the field of Management with reference to the current market)
  • How do I plan to use my MBA in my career? (skills and competencies)
  • What do I really want from my MBA experience? (talk about what you have read and heard about the course, and your expectation from the course and the college)
  • Why is X business school the right place for me? (do a research about the college X, visit their Website)
  • What can I bring to this MBA community? (talk about your contribution to the college)
  • Where do I see myself in 5, 10 or 15 years?

If your are clear about these questions and can convince the interviewer, consider your admission done so far as the interview round is concerned,  for any top b schools in India.