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Should PGDM Institute (Students) Care About Research?

If you ask the above mentioned question to students, many would shout: “No!” But the actual findings may change their minds. It has been found and validated by many studies that when a PGDM Institute creates or generates more research from students, its placement/salaries go up. Since, organizations are paying these higher salaries; they are obviously recognizing the value of students educated in a more research-oriented environment. Equally important, from the B Schools point of view, it has been found that when the number of faculty research publications increases, students’ evaluations of professors also go up.

Addressing the importance of research in academics, Asia-Pacific Institute of Management (AIM), one of the top MBA College in Delhi has constituted an extraordinary Research Development Center in its one of a kind endeavor to advance administration research. The prime target of this Center is to elevate/hoist the benchmarks of academic and applied management research. It additionally endeavors to urge significant commitment to the business. The Center has pulled together a gathering of researcher who has PHDs from top Indian management institutes with diverse management background in the areas of HR, Marketing, Finance, International Business, Economics and Operation Research. The division energizes interdisciplinary and between institutional exploration. Scientists and professionals from both the educated community and industry over the globe are welcome to attempt incredible cooperative exploration assignments with the Center. The productivity of such initiative can be seen from two perspectives. First, researchers can teach students state-of-the-art knowledge, including the latest models, findings and frameworks. A second is that research professors can conceptualize problems, generate logically valid hypotheses and then test them with relevant data and appropriate methods. An understanding of this knowledge-discovery process is essential for students who must “learn how to learn”, so that their education remains relevant in a fast-changing world.