Should you go for an MBA directly after graduation or after 2-3 years of work experience?

An MBA or PGDM adds a ton of value to career. You can do it after graduation or after working for a couple of years. Both choices have their pros and cons. And this is what this article is all about.
MBA / PGDM right after graduation:
– You’re in a learning mode: you have just finished your graduation, and are probably in the range of 21-25 years. The concepts you mastered in your graduation are fresh in your mind. All of this helps you a great deal in your post graduation.

– You get a wonderful start; and don’t forget a good beginning is half battle won: The best PGDM colleges in India come with great placement track records. At Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, the average salary package is 7.5 lakhs an annum. Some of the companies that have been to our campus in all these years include names like Flipkart, ICICI Bank, ICICI Securities, Kent RO, AuthBridge, Moody’s, L’Oreal India, etc. As a fresher high on spirit, you tend to progress far better than if you choose to take up an MBA or PGDM program after spending a couple of years in the industry.

– The only downside that we see in taking up a post graduate program right after graduation is that for the next one year, you learn without having much sense about the exact way corporates work. Of course, the best PGDM colleges in India arrange a good number of seminars and industrial visits for their students, but that doesn’t help you in getting to know how it feels working for these companies. It’s only after you finish up with your first year that summer internships are offered and you get to spend next couple of weeks working for a company.

Of course, some candidates prefer to join the course after getting some work experience; this approach too helps in its own way. By the time you take admission in any of the top private B-Schools in Delhi NCR or in the city where you live in, you already have got the taste of working for the corporate companies, and feel more empowered in classes.
However, whether you decide to pursue your MBA or PGDM right after your graduation or would like to work first and learn later, it’s important that you choose only the best PGDM colleges in Delhi or whichever city you live or work in.
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