Student Journey from Admission to Convocation Ceremon

Student’s Journey from Admission to Convocation Ceremon

The western philosopher Aristotle in his theory potentiality and actuality, says that everything on this planet whether mortal or immortal have the potentiality to reach the pinnacle of one specific dimension, but only a few reaches in actuality in the desired time. Let us relate this theory with the life of a celestial body, a star (immortal), and a student (mortal). As every nebula has the full potentiality to reach the up to the bright stage of a sparkling star in actuality, nonetheless only a few reach the final stage, which gets the desired conditions at the right time. Similarly, every student has unlimited potential but only a few make it in actual and reach the zenith in their life if the requisite conditions are provided at the right time.

PGDM program is more or less the cats and dog race in between student and a company, at an earlier stage, students pursue the PGDM program to get into the company and at a later stage, the company pursues the students with the PGDM diploma holders.

Every student has the potentiality to become next Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Indira Nooyi, Sundar Pichai, but why only a few become successful while many others crave to get a single success in their life. The students who get some proper conditions in their life like motivation since childhood days, proper guidance of career, self hard work, getting admission in the top colleges, to name some, they become successful. Among the above conditions, the last one plays a very important role in the moulding of physique and guiding the students to reach the zenith of their potential.

Getting admission in the top ranked B-school for the PGDM program will be helpful in multiple ways like friendships with other studious students, guidance from well learned faculties, world class infrastructure, good placement offers and social respect. Good colleges are as good as having the “parents like protection” which takes good care of every student from day one when he comes on board, till his last day of the convocation ceremony.

Asia Pacific Institute of Management (AIM), New Delhi, is one of the top-ranked business schools of India, with the prime location, well-learned faculties, world class infrastructure, and which guarantees 100% placement offers. This college has a golden history of 24 years and counting in doing this noble service of shaping India’s futures since day one in 1996. The journey which begins with the admission when the students come with a tender dream, innocence, but with a fragile mindset, college’s duty is to polish and refine them with all the requisite skills and inculcate their mind with the knowledge which is required in the current business world. When the session begins, students pursue the PGDM program to make their future brighter to get a lucrative job in the best fortune 500 companies. The students come to the college with different mindsets and possess different mental calibre, it takes a lot of patience and hard work from the college management and the faculties to make them suitable for the highly lucrative corporate jobs. The last stop of this journey comes with the final convocation ceremony, when the students are officially certified to become a post-graduate diploma holder and from where every company starts pursuing the students to hire them. So at the earlier stage, students pursue the PGDM program and at the later stage, the company pursues the students, more or less this story of any students which starts from the unknown nebula stages and becomes a bright star of the business world at the brighter stage.  Enrich your life with the postgraduate PGDM program and live the life with an extra edge over others.

Written By:-

Arvind Kumar Choudhary