The key benefits of pursuing a management programme from a Delhi based B-school

The key benefits of pursuing a management programme from a Delhi based B-school

Delhi and NCR has emerged as a major hub for business studies due to its increased corporate interface. Delhi, the national capital, has the biggest location advantage of being globally connected to the rest of the world.In addition, Delhi has a vast population of 2.17 crores which attract high end career opportunities. The standard of living, the pay packages, the social and infrastructural development and the business opportunities make Delhi one of the favourite places to settle down.

Of course, the food and the culture of Delhi is also very warm and inviting which attracts a huge population influx every year. Thus, along with other commercial sectors, the educational sector is also developing at an astronomical pace and will continue to attract the best of business schools in Delhi and NCR.

The location of a B-school helps to attract many well-established corporates to the campus. Although, Delhi is deprived of IIMs, yet, these colleges are preferred well over IIMs due to their excellent industry interface. The famous industry stalwarts often visit the various MBA institutes in Delhi, to equip the students with the current changes of the business world.

Moreover, due to varied industrial sectors like retail, IT, BPO, finance, Export-import trade, finance, etc., Delhi is the hub for professionals from all diverse fields. No matter which specialization you opt for in MBA, you have all the chances of being absorbed by corporates locally. Gurgaon and Noida are the hot cakes for corporates and all big global brands are coming to these places.

ThePGDM / MBA colleges in Delhi and NCR offer different specializations such as Retail management, finance and accounting, banking, statistics, marketing, human resource management, international business, Information technology, consulting, public policy, etc. The practical exposure, infrastructural support and IT support provided in the colleges in Delhi, make learning a very fulfilling experience.

You will find Delhi iteshighly competent in English communication skills owing to high quality basic educational framework in schools. The company of smart peers help you to groom your inter-personal skills, communication skills and overall personality. After all, management programmes are  all about learning to cordially work with co-workers while fighting to survive the cut-throat competition in corporates.

Apart from excellent industrial exposure, Delhi offers a highly competitive fee and greater return on investment. As they say competition helps businesses to improve, so is the case with PGDM / MBA colleges in Delhi.Due to cut to cut competition, the colleges strive hard to provide the best value addition to young students.

At Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, we keep a very strong focus on improving the quality of our management education and keeping it industry focused. To give students a taste of corporate, we send them off to work with leading companies under a uniquely designed  internship program that often lasts for  6 to 8 weeks.

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