The Mistakes You Must Not Make During Your MBA/PGDM in Delhi

The Mistakes You Must Not Make During Your MBA/PGDM in Delhi

The Mistakes You Must Not Make During Your MBA/PGDM In Delhi


Getting into the top MBA colleges in India means going through the rigours of stiff competitive entrance exams, the anxiety of results, and the stress of admissions. For students who make it, the sense of relief, joy and excitement can lead to complacency, casualness, and overconfidence.


Here are the mistakes you must not make during your MBA/PGDM in Delhi, and make the best possible use of the opportunity to graduate from one of the best MBA colleges in India.


Losing sight of your purpose

Valuable time, money, and effort got you this far, including from your family, teachers, friends and well-wishers. Do not forget that your end goal is an enriching MBA/PGDM experience, and this is just the beginning of that pursuit!


Lacking proactive planning

The roots of MBA/PGDM courses originated from businesses that wished for a preparatory transition for graduates to understand the fundamental aspects of business, and bridge the gap between academia and the world of work. Many topics in the curriculum may be completely new, such as "Design Thinking and Business Innovation" or "Business Economics". It is a mistake if you are not proactive in going through your curriculum in detail, getting familiar with the topics by reading about them, and understanding their industry relevance and value.


Studying in semester silos

The entire MBA/PGDM curriculum consists of different topics that are essentially spokes of the overall business wheel! They are all interconnected and relevant to business, one way or another. Studying semester topics in isolation to get good grades and forgetting about them later will be a mistake. A better way would be to connect the dots between all the study subject topics in different semesters and visualise the larger picture. That is the essence of your MBA/PGDM degree.


Wasting time

Your MBA/PGDM course will be very demanding. Being oblivious to the approaching tsunami of new topics, assignments, practical work, team projects, and extracurricular activities will be a mistake. If you take things lightly, are not disciplined and focused throughout, and imagine that you will study as usual before exams, it would be a mistake. Every hour, every day counts. Be careful about how you spend your time and not waste it.



Not participating or networking

Business is all about teamwork between different functions such as marketing, finance, and human resources. Organisations are tackling real-world problems and capitalising on opportunities daily. People have to interact and work in teams within functions and across functions. You must not make the mistake of staying aloof - even if you are enrolled for a master's in data analytics and imagining that you will be dealing only with data for life! Get yourself to volunteer in as many activities as you can, and interact with different people. Network to communicate, give and take. Build your personality, and prepare yourself to be a team player. 


Do not make these costly mistakes during your MBA/PGDM course, and rest assured of being the most sought student by industry during campus placements!