PGDM India: A blog written by the PGDM Students, sharing their experiences and day-to-day happenings in the classroom and on campus.

PGDM India: A Blog Written By The PGDM Students, Sharing Their Experiences And Day-To-Day Happenings In The Classroom And On Campus.

PGDM India - Student experiences in the Asia Pacific

Metadata: PGDM and MBA courses at the Asia Pacific Institute of Management are the best. Hear from students themselves.

Building off each other’s strengths, the various batches pursuing PGDM and MBA courses at Asia Pacific Institute of Management are proud of their learning experience.

Let’s look at what some of our students say.

  1. Concepts unknown become easily absorbed

“The delivery of curriculum in the Asia Pacific is a true blessing for MBA students. Understanding the complexity of key business management concepts has never been easier. For me, an MBA in healthcare is a true value addition to my goals. I benefited from the individual attention from top faculty that always had the response to my doubts.”

- Amia Chandra

  1. Exceptional library of resources

“Inquisitive by nature, I love to explore new concepts and delve deep into them. That’s why I decided to do a course at the best PGDM college in Delhi. Aaccess to a vast library of resources and study material changed my life. I was able to augment my learning practice to imbibe valuable lessons that I will carry for life.”

- Mayank Khanna


  1. An abode of cultural intelligence

“As a people person, becoming part of the next batch of PGDM in Banking and Finance at the Asia Pacific was a dream come true. I had been working for a while and forgot what it was like to mingle with diverse people from across the nation. I am proud to say that my education at the college was more than just studying, but an exchange of ideas, culture, and experiences that shaped who I am.”

- Revathi Sukumar

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