Tips for working and succeeding during your PGDM program

Tips For Working And Succeeding During Your PGDM Program


Once you get admission to one of the best PGDM colleges in India, you surely want to make the best out of this opportunity. Here are some why, how, and what - tips for working and succeeding during your PGDM program.


Define Your Purpose

After enrolling in a PGDM course, perhaps a PGDM in International Business, or a general PGDM, make it a point to refresh your awareness of purpose - why did you enrol, your reasons, and so forth. Is it because it was your dream or perhaps a step before you join your family business or set up your venture, or for excellent placement opportunities in top global companies, or merely because you wanted to acquire a postgraduate degree? It helps to clarify your purpose, redefines it if necessary, and share it amongst your new batchmates, seniors, and teachers. You will quickly find common interest groups and benefit from the same.

Network Early

Get going early to introduce yourself to people - your new classmates, seniors, teachers, canteen staff, and administration staff. There are immense opportunities that will open up once you socialise early. You will get to know people and open up avenues to participate in several on-campus and off-campus events. Whom to approach to resolve any potential issues that may crop up in the future. Asides, you will make some good friends too!

Plan Your PGDM Journey

Get familiar with your PGDM course curriculum, and make a personal plan with calendar timelines and the milestones you wish to achieve through your two years of PGDM journey. For example, if you are pursuing a PGDM in healthcare management, it will help if your plan includes researching healthcare companies that visit your college for campus placements. Make room for extracurricular experiences, club activities, entrepreneurial competitions, and skills enhancements. Make an ambitious plan - the abundance of youthful energy is a strength best utilised in ambitious pursuits.


Prepare For Placement Interviews

The best way to present yourself during an interview is to be yourself. Any other facade you portray will not pass through the eyes of experienced professionals sitting on the other side of the table. Prepare to present the best version of yourself. A personal SWOT analysis vetted by your peers can be an excellent preparatory tool. Be aware that the industry hires individuals for two primary reasons - Skills and Attitude. Sharpen skills that are in demand globally. Critical thinking skills are valuable in PGDM in finance, while Communication skills in PGDM in marketing. Positive work attitudes ensure team play, organisational commitment, environmental fit, and job satisfaction.


Using these tips will make your work during your gruelling PGDM program an immensely satisfying, joyous, and successful experience. It will help you be an individual that the industry will want to hire!