TOP 15 MBA/PGDM colleges in India: Best B-Schools in India.

Best B-Schools in India: TOP 15 MBA/PGDM colleges in India


Business schools are given a ranking based on evaluating an institute's performance in various key parameters. Thus, a student must look at them while making a decision.





Rankings have been a subject of considerable debate in the b-school community. After the rankings are released, students, faculty and administrators take pride or feel disappointed. 


While not the complete truth about an institute's quality, rankings are a reward for the vision of the institute's administration. 


Every institute can complain of being occasionally given a place that is a few spots below what they deserve, but it still helps aspiring students filter their options. 


For example, a student should avoid going to an institute that does not figure anywhere in the rankings. 


An institute that applies a sincere effort in infrastructure, faculty, research, innovation, curriculum, placements, and industry engagements will see its ranking rise. 

One can be assured that if a student is going to an institute amongst the top 15 MBA colleges in India, that institute has strong fundamentals. 


A top MBA college in India, as per a ranking, means that it has been evaluated favourably for the following parameters:

  • Infrastructure - The institute provides adequate facilities, modern infrastructure, or even a large campus
  • Geographical advantages - An institute needs to be close to a business hub.
  • Placement - The number and quality of companies that visit the campus and the positions and salaries offered during the placement season are all critical in evaluating a campus ranking.
  • Faculty - A student can only learn if the institute has a good mix of qualified full-time and visiting faculty to guide them.
  • Innovation & research - Top MBA colleges in India create courses as per the demands of the industry, such as data analytics and healthcare. They also publish research reports.
  • Industry engagement - Being a top MBA college in India is about making students capable of hitting the ground running. This is best done by constantly making the students engage with companies through various projects.
  • Entrance examinations and student intake quality - Students must learn from each other. This can only be achieved by having students who possess a healthy mix of qualifications, work experience, and gender. 
  • Survey of alumni and visitors - While rankings are being developed, the various media organisations also survey what alumni have to say about the institute. 



Rankings are essential when we are evaluating an institute. Rankings are developed after examining the institute for all key parameters. A student should be conscientious about joining an institute that is not performing well in rankings. At the same time, a good ranking should be a top consideration in joining a business school.


Asia-Pacific Institute of Management has features that make it one of the top MBA colleges in the region. The institute's rankings show that the education they provide is credible and recognised. 


Business Today is one of the magazines that has ranked APIM amongst the top 15 b-schools in various aspects, as well as in terms of overall performance.