What are the advantages of doing a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) course in India?

PGDM programs are the new MBAs. If you’re someone who wants to pursue an MBA course and leverage the same as a launch pad for a career in corporate, a PGDM or post graduation in management can be a better option. In this particular post, we are listing down some of the key advantages of doing a PGDM, so you can take a wise decision while opting for a management program.

  1. Industry Integrated Syllabus Unlike most MBA courses, PGDM programs are updated every year or so. It is because the PGDM institutes in India are generally autonomous bodies, and do not have to wait for the universities to change the curriculum of their MBA programs. At Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, we review and update the course content of our AICTE Approved PGDM courses every year. The changes are suggested and implemented by a committee that comprises professors from top notch business schools including IIMs, and c-level executives from corporate houses. The benefit of pursuing such updated courses is our students learn the new and ongoing concepts and practices of business management and entrepreneurship. 

2. Interpersonal Growth A management course like a PGDM in General Management or Marketing Management not only introduces a young mind like you to the intricacies of management, but also helps them skyrocket their communication and interpersonal skills. Through classroom lectures, role plays, guest lectures, industry visits, summer internships, and personality development programs, students learn better decision making skills and get better at analytical thinking.

3. Corporate Ready The benefits of pursuing a PGDM course cannot be limited to interpersonal growth and procurement of knowledge about business management. The advantages are multi-fold and multi-dimensional. One of the most important benefits of taking up a PGDM program is it makes you corporate ready. You can enter the corporate world without having a management education. However, an established B-School, like Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, can do wonders for your career. At a PGDM college, you learn about the fundamentals of modern business management. You learn about subjects that will help propel your growth in your professional life. For instance, in every PGDM course, be it Marketing Management or International Business, you learn about human resource management, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, statistics, economics, etc. And all this learning massively helps you become corporate ready and build yourself a rich and rewarding career.

4. Placement Opportunities MNCs tend to prefer PGDM over MBA. That’s why you see so many big companies flocking to PGDM institutes like IIMS, S P Jain, and Asia-Pacific Institute of Management. Here at Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, we pride ourselves in ensuring 100% quality industry placements for our students for more than 2 decades. Our long standing association with the industry has tremendously benefited our students as they never have to wait or struggle for internships and placement opportunities at the biggest of corporate firms and organisations across public and private sectors. Accenture, EY, Flipkart, Oyo, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Aditya Sun Life, ITC, L’Oreal, Blue Star, and Naukri are some of the recruiters that regularly visit us with internships and placement offers. For more on our placements, please see us here.

5.Be Your Own Boss At Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, we teach and encourage our students to look beyond jobs. We mentor them to be dreamers, doers, and innovators. Most importantly, we help them with their start-up ideas. Because somewhere, we strongly feel that start-ups are the future of New India. And we want our students to not only secure great jobs and careers, but also go ahead and create great jobs and careers for others. Many of our alumni have successfully set up their own ventures and now are seen as leaders in their niche.

Now if you’re interested in getting to know more benefits that PGDM course confers to a student, please let us know. You can connect with us at 1800 1133 34, or at admissions@asiapacific.edu.