What is the scope of an MBA /PGDM in finance in India?

MBA / PGDM course in finance management is a lucrative career option. Immense career opportunities and lucrative pay packages have always led a management program in finance one of the most sought after choices. Top MBA institutes in Delhi NCR offer finance programmes which are of two years, AICTE approved, and impart highly technical financial skills to the students.

Corporate financial valuation, Tax planning and taxation, investment management, international finance, insurance management, finance and budget management, etc. are the key subjects taught in MBA or PGDM in banking & finance.

As far as the difficulty level of this course is concerned, this specialization surely means serious business and is apt for those who have a knack in finance. The basic skills required for learning finance is the superb analytical ability and a keen eye for conclusions derived by crunching numbers.
Ever since, the financial crisis emerged in the last decade, finance has been valued even more. Post the global economic crises, every organization strived towards hiring a good finance and accounting manager to run the show safely.

Within India, there is tremendous scope for MBA with finance as specialization especially from top MBA institutes in Delhi. Finance by itself is a huge sector as no company can ever survive without profits. So, it is indeed the heart of any organisation.

Furthermore, there are plenty of top firms that are ready to hire these financial experts. A few to name are: top-class multinational banks like HDFC, ICICI, Axis bank, Yes bank, Kotak Mahindra bank, IndusInd bank, SBI, Deutsche bank, Citi bank, HSBC, etc. You also stand very good chances of recruitment by brokerage firms, mutual fund investment firms, NBFC, and research firms.

The vast scope of MBA in finance in India:
MBA in finance in India has tremendous scope for you to grow especially when you have passed from top PGDM / MBA institutes in Delhi which offer a stable career throughout. Generally, the career opportunities in finance are in the form of asset management, financial advisory, retail banking, planning and taxation, accounting, equity analyst, risk management, business analyst, sales and trading, personal finance, insurance, etc.

Let us see each of these roles in detail to understand the scope of the work and the skills needed to get going with these jobs.

Financial Advisor: As financial advisor, you would be working as a specialist in handling the money of your clients. You would be providing the best investment advices on the products available in the market to make the best use of money. Your task would be to keep yourself abreast with the best products in market and help your clients to invest in the right products looking at their needs.

Investment Banking: They play a critical role in different advisory capacities. The play a key role in handling IPOs and advice to take company public or look for some alternative means of raising funds. They are the ones who evaluate the worth of merging with another firm and arrive at a fair price for the same. The highest paid investment bankers are from top private b-schools in India.

Private Equity: This job requires you to create profits by a calculated approach for the investors. Private Equity involves buying a smaller company and later selling them in profit. This takes many years and a lot of speculation and fore thought.

Corporate Finance: As part of corporate finance, the work revolves around maximizing the shareholder’s interest by strategizing to invest in best short term and long term financial planning.

Treasury: Treasury involves a broad set of responsibilities of cash management, financial risk management, corporate finance, planning, operations, cash and liquidity management, etc. Overall, treasury department looks at managing the liquidity of business which includes managing all projected and current cash outflows and inflows.

Credit Risk Management: It involves calculating the risk of failure to pay back the taken loans and calculating losses that will be incurred by understanding the loan loss reserves of the financial institution. In this job, one has to work on risk modelling framework, manage data and work around with risk tools to come at the right decisions.

Derivatives Structuring: It is a highly specialized field in finance. Just a decade ago there were only 100 equity derivators in Europe. In this job, you have to play an active role in pricing of all equity based products, assess the needs of clients in relation to their industry and suggest solutions for the same, recycling risk exposure, etc.

Hedge Fund Management: Hedge fund manager takes care of the financial plans that are used to make investments from the fund’s pooled money. The hedge fund manager has to constantly explore the existing financial market state.

Chief Financial Officer: A CFO has an elaborate job role such as to make strategies to forecast capital requirement, supervise financial performance by gauging results, risk management, and handle the impact of variances on the finances.

Cash Managers: As cash managers, you would be required to ensure the organization works within the local, state and federal laws. Cash managers are also required to streamline the business operations and work like a treasury to take care of the organisational needs.

Risk Managers: A risk manager’s task is to assess and identify the potential risk that may come in the way of prosperity, safety and security of the company. It also involves designing and implementing policies to face the potential threats. This is for those with an analytical bent of mind as you would be doing risk assessment all the time.

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There are plenty of other jobs as well for graduates who successfully complete a PGDM in banking and finance. The jobs include accounting manager, financial analyst, corporate controllers, insurance and risk managers, manager consultants, investment banking associates, etc. The scope of MBA in finance is tremendous and offers good job opportunities with good pay packages. If you do your program from any of the top MBA institutes in Delhi, your chances of getting placed in a good position increase many fold.
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