What Makes Reliance Jio So Successful?

Some say that Ambani is an acronym for ambition and money. Whenever there is a new product launch by the Reliance this glittering dualism of ambition and money is most starkly reflected. Either it has been the launch of Vimal that heralded the era of new-age rich man’s cloth-line for public or the Reliance IPO, the success of a product by Reliance industries is stamped its marquee launch. Either it’s “Only Vimal” or Jio, the Ambanis truly know how to create a rage for their products.


Although business pundits may prefer to reserve and qualify their opinion, often as a comfortable habit of maintaining equivocality, on whether Reliance Jio has really been a runaway success in the most competitive telecom industry but the kind of themarket gain and buzz that Reliance Jio has made is undeniably a huge success. The numbers itself tell the story. Reliance claimed to register 16 million subscribers within the first month of its launch and proudly crossed hundred million subscriber mark within just few months of it launch in Delhi NCR. By the recent estimates Reliance has been able to convert 50 million of its subscribers to prime membership who are of course going to stay longer with the Reliance Jio as a loyal customer.


If you look at the success of Reliance products we find a key point that set them apart as compared to their competitors. This will also answer our question why Reliance Product Launches are so special?

A fundamental reason for the success of Reliance Jio has been their regular strategy of thinking big and delivering something that neither customers nor even competitors can ever imagine. This power of thinking big often go unnoticed but is fairly perceptible behind the success of all their launches. Well, it’s not uncommon to think, talk, being sermonised and listening others talk about the power of thinking big. In fact, there have been many self-help books on the same topic becoming bestseller which only highlights how much this skill is in demand.

The Reliance Industries since its inception led by the visionary leader and entrepreneur Late Shri Dhirubhai Ambani not only relied on thinking big but also beat its key competitors (Like Wadias and current telecom companies) by making thinking big as part of its regular strategy. So start thinking and delivering big from today. Once you start doing it you’ll be amazed to see how much power and potential is lying dormant inside you.


Dr. Sanjay Singh,

Assistant Professor (HRM/OB)

Asia-Pacific Institute of Management