What should one opt for – PGDM Executives, PGDM 2 years or PGDM courses?

Management Education has been in flavour for the past few decades. And, there is a reason for it. Being professionally qualified in management raises the market worth of a person. It also reorients the individuals to changing market needs. This is why more and more professional with decent work experience under their belt are going back to business schools.

Choosing a specialization is reasonably easy for working professionals. Choosing between an Executive and a two year PGDM is a more robust decision. It’s not that a full time PGDM is better than Executive PGDM or vice versa. It is what fits you the most.

Following are the details of both the programs:

Full time PGDM

A full time PGDM is an all-inclusive management program that imparts theoretical and practical knowledge to learners through modern pedagogy. The duration of a full time PGDM is generally two years. A learner has to complete four semesters. The first two semesters are standard for everyone. The last two semester includes specializations ranging from Marketing, HR, Finance, International Business, Entrepreneurship etc.

Often, an internship follows the classroom education. The learning method under PGDM are varied. The leaners learn through classroom teaching, GDs, extempore, industrial visits, student exchange, mentor lectures, and conference. 

The learning under a PGDM course is much more advanced than what is taught at the graduate level. Hence the output of a full time PGDM is highly efficient.

Executive PGDM  

On the other hand, an Executive PGDM is a concentrated form of PGDM. It is as potent as a full time PGDM. Often working professionals are reluctant to go back to business schools because of time constraint. After working for five to ten years, pursuing an Executive MBA makes sense. Work experience provides professionals with a much better understanding of business. They are better poised at seeing and understanding the micro and macro picture of the business.

Executive PGDM differs in duration from institute to institute. Some institutes provide One year Executive PGDM program, whereas, the length of the course ranges between 15 months to 24 months in some institutions.

Course content wise, the Executive Programs are tightly knit. The curriculum of the executive program is tailor made to suit the dynamic needs of working professionals. The speed of learning is comparatively advance.

2 Year PGDM or Executive PGDM? 

Whether you should go a two year full time PGDM or an Executive PGDM? 

As you progress in your career, you be will put into an elite league owing to your experience, and you will need to acquire management skills to compete at that level. The stage will be big, and the stake will be bigger, and you can’t afford to miss the game. A PGDM program will level the playing field for you.

Also, if you are doing well in your career, you may feel that you don’t need to get into a PGDM. At times, you may think that you already know what you will be learning in a PGDM, but you’ll be surprised to know how much you don’t know.

If you don’t have minimum work experience after graduation, you are not eligible for an Executive program. The only PGDM course you can opt for is a two years full time PGDM program. It is an excellent program and will give you a head start. This focus of this course is to build the core understanding of management in leaners from the roots. A full time PGDM program suits well to the requirement of learners having no or little knowledge of management.   

On the other hand, if you have minimum work experience, you can opt for any one of the two programs. However, the choice of the course should align with your priorities and needs. Even if you can dedicate the time, going for a two year program may not be best for you as the course may not fit the learning needs of the advanced learner. 

Many institutions are providing PGDM and Executive PGDM in India. The reputation and market acceptance of the course should be the deciding factor. A program from a B grade PGDM institution won’t yield the desired results for a learner. One should also consider the program fee. A higher cost is not a benchmark of quality.   

Choosing one of the two is more of a personal choice, but still, for working professionals, and Executive PGDM provides the much needed balance between career aspirations and management education. 

Happy Learning!