Which is the best stream to choose while opting for a PGDM or MBA?

‘Which stream to opt for in MBA or PGDM program?’ Is that something that bothers you? Though, MBA institutes keep coming up with one or the many new specializations such as MBA in healthcare management, MBA in sports management, MBA in Economics, MBA in Entrepreneurship, or PGDM in banking etc., yet, aspirants who pursue these specializations are wary of their job prospects and credibility in the job market.

We, in India, believe in opting for a safe career option which can serve our financial needs. The only options that most of the management aspirants look for in India are Finance, Human Resource Management, IT and Marketing. If you ask any expert about which stream is the best to choose, the answer is purely based on your interest and of course on the opportunities that lie ahead in the job market.

As per Sangeet Chowfla, GMAC president and CEO, the companies in US are looking forward to hire international management graduates despite having political challenges like legal documentation and huge expense of relocating them. The value these graduates add to the organization with their skill sets is just incomparable to the challenges faced and expenses incurred.

This survey shows that companies are more interested in hiring specialists as they have a pre-decided job role which needs to be matches with the skills of the hired professionals.

This is an exciting discovery to know that specialists are hired for key roles and are being target for a niche market. Gone are the days, where a generalist is hired and then trained to get into job specifications.

And, as you can see in the report, the companies hiring policies are directed at management graduates from all different specializations. So, it really depends on your areas of interest and your strengths to opt any stream for specialization.

GMAC also found out in 2017, 27% of companies intended to hire management interns globally. And, as per the research report of GMAC, big companies with employee strength of 10,000 and above are interested in hiring PGDM program interns as compared to small or medium sized organizations.

This shows that all big companies have requirements of all wings such as marketing specialists, finance and accounting specialists, IT specialists, HR specialists, Operations Specialists, etc. All it matters is that you pick up something you have a calling for and are able to relate with it fully.

List of Specializations in PGDM courses in reputed B-schools

The specializations in MBA or PGDM program keep evolving as per the changing needs of the industries. A lot of new specializations get added up to match the key demands of the newer job roles that have evolved.

So, here we have tried to list all the current specializations in PGDM / MBA that you can choose from:

  • PGDM / MBA in Human Resource Management
  • PGDM in Banking and Financial Services
  • PGDM in International Business
  • PGDM / MBA in Operations Management
  • PGDM / MBA in Marketing
  • PGDM / MBA in IT Management
  • PGDM program in Entrepreneurship
  • PGDM / MBA in General Management
  • MBA in Health Care Management

So, you see there are plenty of options to specialize in a management program. And, the demand for each of these exists for different industries as per their nature of work.

Rather than depending solely on choosing the specialization that appears in demand, you must look at finding the following:

  1. Career Goals: You need to figure out, ‘What are your career goals?’ Would you want to start your own venture or are looking at working for an organization first? Do you wish to have a desk job or would want to travel round the globe to learn from different cultures and people? Do you wish to be in communications, or planning or strategizing, or analysing the numbers, or handling people, etc.?You need to figure out where you see yourself a few years down the line. How would you describe success for yourself?So, there is a lot of self-introspection needed for this. You need to dig in deeper to understand what is it that you really wish to do in life. Basis the realization, you can figure out the PGDM program that you should opt for.
  2. Your Interests: Figure out what you like. For this, it would be wiser to interact with people across the world doing different jobs. With social media around, it has become so easy to connect with people who you want to interact with.And, most people are more than happy to share their experiences with you. The more you interact and ask people about their jobs, the more you understand what exactly you are looking for.The saddest part about making a career choice is that you have to choose something that you have never experienced or worked at before. So, the real experiences of likings and dislikings are only tested once you are on job.But, if you are smart enough, you would know your key likings and interest. And, you would then work towards building your career around your key strengths and likings. So, in any case your main job will revolve around your likings and some bit of work is of course something that you need to do as a part of compulsion. And, that can be easily handled.
  3. Choose the best B-School in Delhi NCR: The other key identifier to choosing a specialization is to narrow down on a course from a reputed or good ranking B-school. Best B-schools in Delhi or NCR, no doubt bring immense possibilities of making available decent jobs to you. Once hired on campus, you find yourself in a comfortable position in a year or two. And, then you can choose to steer your career the way you want.So, a good beginning is half done. Make sure to opt for a reputed B-school with recognized programs from AICTE and Ministry of HRD. The institute must have been around for some time and must have a proven worth.Asia-Pacific Institute of Management offers full -time two year PGDM programs in different specializations such as marketing, IB, BFS, Executive pgdm, General PGDM. Our management programs are duly recognized by AICTE and Ministry of HRD. We take pride in sharing that AIM is ranked 9th in best B-schools in Delhi and NCR and ranked 11th in North Zone of Best B-schools in Business Today MDRA survey 2017.Please contact at +91-11-42094800 or 8287252525 for any admission related enquiries. Alternatively, you can also e-mail us at admissions@asiapacific.edu.