Why to do PGDM or MBA after your graduation

If you ask any parent, the best place for an investment of the saved money, would not be in real estate, not to buy a luxurious car, but only to invest in making a good career of their children. Currently, it is not sufficient of just being a graduate, it will not lead you a decent salary and your career growth will be limited only.
Post-graduation is a must to give a proper direction and to increase the dimension of a career, and the best option left is doing a PGDM or an MBA course. Currently doing an MBA is not lesser than any investment, we need to do a wise decision with reasons of pursuing it. Do a proper analysis and research work before taking admission.

What is PGDM or MBA professional course?
PGDM (Postgraduate diploma in management) is a diploma courses which are awarded by an autonomous institute, though they are not affiliated by any university, but are approved of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Like IIMs, XLRI, Asia Pacific.
While an MBA is a degree course, this is only given by those institutes which are affiliated by any University. Like FMS, SIBM, IIFT.
However, any autonomous college can also give MBA degree if they are approved by the association of Indian University (AIU). If any autonomous institute starts collaborated MBA program with any foreign University, then AIU approval of that MBA degree is a must. This is helpful for higher studies and to get a government job. Like Asia-Pacific runs MBA in healthcare with collaboration with RUDN University.

Asia Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi is one of the colleges which have both AICTE approval for its PGDM courses and AIU approval for its MBA in healthcare course which it runs in collaboration with RUDN University of Moscow.

PGDM FOR whom Duration
FULL TIME For fresher or employees with some years of experience PGDM comes with trimester with two full years course
Executive PGDM For those who are working and wanting to get a professional degree while working. One year program In trimester
Correspondence PGDM For those who do not want to attend colleges regularly Trimester
MBA Those who want a management degree Two years on semester pattern follows a University program

• Why to do PDGM or MBA after graduation and what are basic difference in them

A graduate is only a raw talent that needs a professional touch and some more polishing, PGDM or MBA course provides that finishing touch. These courses make an employee efficient and his career will grow at the right pace with a good jump in salary.

The basic differences are

a) PGDM courses are run by an autonomous institute and they do not follow any fixed curriculum, and they normally make the adjustment as per the demand from the companies, they run a work oriented curriculum which companies like and prefer to hire the students.

Now some salient points of why to do PGDM or MBA

b) MBA follows the University instruction and follows as pet the guidance from the affiliated University.

• Good Placement opportunities
For PGDM course, institute follows the curriculum that is in high demand and purely an industrial oriented program. So companies come in bulk to recruit students, and they offer a heavy salary.
• Higher salary and good career jump
Professional courses like PGDM or MBA degree gives a substantial growth in career and salary structure. If after graduation employee gets on average 30000 per month, then after PGDM the salary will hike beyond 50000. And with an increase in their work experience, their bargaining capacity will also increase and could reach up to 30 lakhs per annum and even more.
• Recognization in the society
The professional course is on high demand you will be recognized in society in good terms, you will live a good work-life balanced life.

Asia Pacific will fulfill your entire dream, it is the best prime located and approved of both AICTE and AIU. PGDM course here are very well planned in terms of what companies want, and its MBA in healthcare is in the pattern followed by RUDN University, which is very well recognized for its healthcare degrees.