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BRICS Education Conclave, New Delhi, 20-21 May, 2016

The first International 'BRICS Education Conclave' at the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi was organized by BRICS International forum, in collaboration with BRICS chamber of commerce and industry. The conclave was graced by the presence of Hon'ble Deputy Chief minister of NCT, Delhi, Shri Manish Sisodia & Hon'ble minister of Railways, Shri Suresh Prabhu Ji. It brought together the university representatives, educationist, policy makers, academia leaders and students to showcase the opportunities of cooperation in higher education among BRICS Countries. The discussion was regarding the development of cross-country education system within BRICS block. The main focus points for the panel discussion were the present education system in BRICS & initiatives taken by the BRICS government, bridging the gap between education & employability, setting agenda for BRICS Network University, and the proposal of smart education.

Workshop On Cyber Crime And Cyber Terrorism Organised By IT Department, New Delhi, 22nd September, 2015

A workshop on "Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism" was organized by IT Department of Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi on 22 September 2015. The workshop had Lt. Vineet Kumar (Ex-CTO- Jharkhand Police) as the key resource person. Lt. Vineet Kumar shared various case studies relating to Credit Card Frauds, Email theft, Social Media Stalking, Financial Frauds, ATM card frauds and IPR related cases. Lt. Kumar shared with students various challenges faced by the organisations as well as individuals in the internet connected world today. He discussed the importance of ethical hackers in today's society and their key role in resolving some mysterious cases. Lt. Vineet Kumar is currently the president of Cyber Peace Foundation and in the past he has worked as CTO with Jharkhand Police. Lt. Kumar has addresses the people in various countries too on the issues relating to Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism. Lt. Kumar is recipient of 6 international & 16 national awards & accolades. He is member of various organizations/associations like British Computer Society, APWG, CISO Platform, CEO Club of India. He has published reports/papers on computer & network security and has been invited as Chief Guest/Guest Lecturer/Speaker at global forums like TEDx, ISACA Dubai Chapter, International Cyber Security and Policing Conference, Ground Zero and many more. INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR ON KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT, FEBRUARY 20-21, 2015, NEW DELHI. Advent of Digital Era paved the way of information superhighways and faster data transmission. The ever-expanding spectrum of information and communication technologies redesigned the landscape of every human activity including the library scenario. This digital revolution has had catalytic role in the societal transformation of the industrial society in to the Knowledge Society. The symbiosis of information technology and library technologies heralded a new era of service deliveries in the landscape of librarianship called the era of "Knowledge Management", which is the explicit and systematic management of vital knowledge and its associated process of creation, organization, diffusion, use and exploitation in pursuit of business objectives (Skyrme, 2011). 'The emerging trends in the area of knowledge management such as technology infrastructure, knowledge acquisition and knowledge assimilation have redesigned the Façade of library services and this has offered challenges and opportunities for librarians. This seminar will offer an opportunity to experts, practicing librarians and research scholars to deliberate on various aspects of Knowledge management and share their views and concerns in this field.

International Symposium On Data Intensive Computing, New Delhi, 27th December, 2014

The International Symposium on Data Intensive Computing, organized by the Asia Pacific Institute of Management will take place on at the Asia Pacific Institute of Management in New Delhi, India. Data analytics is critical to businesses. As the small data transforms into 'Big' data, traditional mechanisms and IT infrastructure used to support, analyze and make meaningful interpretations become ill suited. This also brings up numerous management issues. For example, IT experts have the responsibility to map organization-wide data by breaking down organizational silos and building an enterprise-wide IT infrastructure for data analytics purposes. This in fact requires next-generation analytical tools and techniques and brings up new challenges related to issues such as smart data distribution, quick response in the event of grid failure, etc. Whether one wants to arrive at some marketing decisions or fine-tune new product launch strategy, data analytics approaches can be a key to several business and societal problems. Also the threats being faced by the corporate due to privacy, frequent transfer of data over LAN and internet (especially Cloud) addressed. Applications and experiments in all areas of science are becoming increasingly complex and more demanding in terms of their computational and data requirements. Some applications generate data volumes reaching hundreds of terabytes and even petabytes. Analyzing, visualizing, and disseminating these large data sets has become a major challenge and data intensive computing is now considered as the ''fourth paradigm'' in scientific discovery after theoretical, experimental, and computational science.

6th CSR MDP (Workshop) & Panel Discussion, New Delhi, 28-29th November, 2014

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is now seen as an ethical and smart way to conduct business, making corporate entities into socially responsible organisations, visibly contributing to the social good. Socially responsible companies do not limit themselves to using their resources to engage in activities that increase only profits. They use CSR to integrate economic, environmental and social objectives into the company's operations and growth. The concept of CSR has evolved over the years, especially in India's now the only country with legislated CSR directives! The mandatory reporting standards introduced in this Companies Act will strengthen and create uniformity, accountability of actions and will measure the impact of these activities. The workshop is being organized for better understanding of the current scenario of CSR activities, guidelines and the act. The sessions in the workshop are being designed in a way that the new CSR professionals can understand the policy formulations till reporting and assessment. On the second day, the panel discussion will help the delegates to listen to and interact with the industry leaders in the CSR & Sustainability domain. The combined workshop and panel discussion would help the participants to better organize their efforts and do good to themselves and the society at large.