Dr. Rajesh Arora


Welcome to AIM

"World economic forum stares that more than one billion jobs that are more than one-third of all Global jobs will be transferred by technology by 2030 technology"

Integration of technology with business function is the working agenda in every industry to benefit from enhanced human performance, minimize cost, and maximize growth and reach.

This agile approach has created a deep-rooted impact to dwell on skills that are required to work on the talent force. Organizational assessment to capitalize on existing human capital and upgrade capabilities is the top priority agenda for recruiting the workforce.

In lieu of changing landscape of Digital transformation, it's imperative that management education supports such progressive goals and attune the students towards global digital learning solutions to be skilled and knowledgeable performers across fields of their choice through the student life cycle.

The institution provides a multi-modal method of teaching, learning, and assessments that would provide learning opportunities and a semester-wise development plan. This will ensure an overall approach to employability.

Adaptations to such technology and investing efforts in self-based learning will be the norm for the future. This will give a competitive advantage to students of the Asia Pacific Institute of Management to position for future capabilities.

I welcome you for hands-on experience and work with experienced industry professionals with real-time industry projects. The institution access of each large global alumni created in the legacy of the past 27 years will support the Buddy-Mentoring system. The institution has created exclusive access to certain important certifications in collaboration with leaders from the Ed-Tech industry through a hybrid learning mechanism. Toward the end, the institution supports the NEP 2020 framework to promote a multi-disciplinary and holistic program that supports Innovation in curriculum created for all our approved AICTE PGDM programs.

I look forward to seeing you on campus!


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