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Asia Pacific Institute of Management (AIM), New Delhi, is very well known for fulfilling its commitment to producing profitable and promising management students from its campus. So to graduate the management ace students, AIM provides both theoretical as well as practical knowledge to every student. Among varying practical approaches, the one which is the most cherished and loved by all students and faculty is MINI MARKET program. This MINI MARKET is a yearly program, and through this, college gives a solid platform to every student to test their selling and pursuing abilities.


MINI MARKET is the platform where some students and faculty open food courts and shops for game in the college campus and other students becomes customers and purchase the offered items. With this fun, recreation, and enjoyment, the management students ignite some of the soft skills, which are helpful for them to become a successful manager of the corporate world.

Why do we organise?

The primary purpose of organizing this is to make students aware with their dormant managerial skills, and it helps to activate the silent talent of PGDM students. This makes them a perfect fit for the workspace.

What all happens in MINI MARKET?

In the month of November-December, every year, AIM organizes the MINI MARKET function, and this year it is on 27th November 2019 from 12:00 PM onwards. On this day, students fix up the stalls with delicious eatables, beverages, "chatpatamasaledaar" food items, and tempt other students to their food corner, while some students open shop with sports like chess, carom, "ring the items" and more. This MINI MARKET provides the proper market scenario to the students and activates the bestseller attitude in them.

How the managerial skills are developed through this function?

These are helpful in varying ways like:

  • Students decorate their stalls to attract customers ( it ignites the presentation skills)
  • They make customers to purchase food items ( it ignites their selling abilities)
  • They take initiative to fix stalls ( it ignites their “lead from the front” attitude)
  • They take care of their customers’ taste and choice ( this ignites their services providers quality)