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MDP on Value Actualization at Power Management Institute, Noida

Asia Pacific Institute of Management (AIM), New Delhi, which is famous for offering best-in-class and highly sought-after management education, was invited by Power Management Institute, Noida, on 31st October 2019, to conduct a session on ‘How to Upgrade the Value Actualization of Employees’.

AIM delegated the responsibility of conducting this elaborate session to its best faculties, viz. Dr. S. P. Chuahan and Dr. Surabhi Goyal. They are professors with decades of practical knowledge in imparting management education and have vast experience in helping their students understand such value actualization (VA). All employees of the Power Management Institute took part in the session with great enthusiasm and they all expressed their appreciation, after the session, for the knowledge they gained.

It is worth noting that competition among businesses is no longer based on price and product as they now compete with each other by demonstrating the value their offerings bring to their respective businesses. This is nothing but VA and it not only brings more profit to a business but also brings motivation in employees. It increases the ethical values in any employee with benefits like the ability to defer gratification or to postpone some immediate desire, which are essential qualities in any person in making appropriate business decisions.