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Today (23rd October 2021) the 1ST Meeting of the Industry Council was held at Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, 3 & 4, Institutional Area, Jasola, New Delhi, India. This Industry Council is among one of the first Industry Council in any management institute in India. Asia-Pacific Institute in its 25th year of academic excellence has added another feather in its cap by constituting Industry Council for industry driven and industry connect management practices. This speaks of industry-institute-interface (3 Is) that will help in grooming both faculty and students of the Institute leading to industry driven curriculum and placements.


The eminent members of the Industry Council of Asia-Pacific Institute of Management includes Top notch industrialists and experts like Dr. Dinesh Kumar Likhi, Director, J P Power Venture Limited, New Delhi who is a well known leadership and Transformation Coach for mid-size to large Indian/Global companies. The next member is Shri Deependra Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, IREL Limited, (Formerly India Rare Earths Limited) who has a long career in the PSU environment. The third eminent member is Rakesh Verma, Director & Partner, GRIP Global Pte Ltd,  Singapore (a Global Consulting Company), CEO & ED,  Simon India, a part of Adventz group  (Engineering & EPC business). The fourth eminent member is Mayank Bhargava, Head -PSU ,Global clients group at ICICI Bank, Delhi, India. The fifth eminent member is Sanjay Kumar Randhar, Former Managing Director, GVFL Limited. Sanjay K, Randhar has over 35 years of experience in financial services domain in private equity/ venture capital and corporate banking. He has held senior leadership roles in both private sector and public sector organizations. Currently, he is member of the Investment Committee of GOI’s Self Reliant India (SRI) Fund, CIIE-IIMA Seed Fund, NEDFi Venture Fund, Research & Innovation Park Advisory Council of IIT-Gandhinagar and Mentor-advisor at Cradle-EDII. The sixth eminent member is Shree Parthasarthy, Managing Partner - Trust & Transformation , Grant Thornton Bharat LLP, Gurgaon, Haryana, India. The seventh eminent member is Gautam Pande, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Grey Orange. With 17+ years in Consulting, Internet & Tech domains across geographies & industries. The next seventh eminent member is Niharika Joshi, Facebook | Ex- Microsoft, Uber, KPMG Delhi, India. The eighth eminent member is Dr. Mukesh Barua, Professor, Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee.

The ninth eminent member is Mr. Arvind Mohan, CEO/MD, Victory Falcon ET, LLC, Dubai, UAE. Shri A. K. Shrivastava, Eminent Founder member is the chairman of Asia Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi, one of the most successful B-schools of India. In addition to this, he is also associated with various Social groups, Trusts, Societies and NGOs and actively performs various philanthropic activities to help others. He is a post graduate in management and has vast experience of 25 years of successfully running and managing entire affairs of Asia-Pacific group (Asia Pacific Career Launcher Pvt. Ltd, Asia pacific institute of hospital Pvt. Ltd., Asia Pacific Construction Pvt Ltd., Asia Pacific Skills Pvt. Ltd). He has been acting as a Head/ President of various Foundations like All India Asian Educational Foundation, B.B. Verma Educational Foundation Trust, etc. from the last 25 years. The Director, Dr. M. P. Singh, Founder member of the Industry Council is a seasoned academician with academic-administrative excellence of more than 25 years.


The first industry council meeting was held on 23 october 2021

The following members were present –

  1. Dr. Dinesh Kumar Likhi , Director, JP Power Venture Limited.
  2. Mr. RakeshVerma, CEO & ED, SIMON India Ltd.
  3. Mr. Mayank Bhargav, National Head – PSUs Corporate Banking Group, ICICI Bank Limited
  4. Mr. Sanjay K. Randhar, Former managing director of GVFL Ltd.
  5. Mr. GautamPande, Vice president of Grey Orange Gurugram (ONLINE)
  6. Mr. Arvind Mohan CEO/MD of Victory Falcon ET, LLC Dubai, UAE (ONLINE)
  7. Ms. Niharika Joshi, Head of customer strategy of Facebook India
  8. Dr. Mukesh Barua, Professor & Dean of Indian institute of technology Roorkee (ONLINE)
  9. Mr. A. K. Shrivastava, Chairman of Asia-Pacific Institute of Management
  10. Dr. M.P. Singh, Director of Asia- Pacific Institute of Management


This first meeting focused on establishing a benchmark by which to measure progress for the institute through various measures of Industry Connect on the agenda areas of Course Curriculum revision with industry driven curriculum, industry driven internship and placements, comprehensive and standardized communication and digital strategy along with MDP and Consultancy. Dr. Dinesh Kumar Likhi , Director, JP Power Venture Limited recommended to strategize the Communication strategy by focusing on following points:

  1. Roadmap & Blueprint
  2. Budget
  3. Allocation of Resources
  4. Involvement/Hiring of PR Agency (College makes and Hire agency instead of this Hire agency to do all works related Institute presentation)

Ms. Niharika Joshi, Head of customer strategy of Facebook India spoke about comprehensive Digital Strategy. Five major strategies were suggested by industry experts –

1. Digital Communication.

2. Interfacing with private & public sector.

3. Different message strategies through Twitter.

4. Video Clips and Bytes.

5. Workshops/ Seminars.

Mr. Rakesh Verma, , CEO & ED, SIMON India Ltd. stressed on formulation of measures to measure the outcome of different strategy implementation. This would help to amplify the benefits of strategy implementation

It was also felt by Mr. Sanjay K. Randhar, Former managing director of GVFL Ltd. and Mr. Mayank Bhargav (ICICI Bank Ltd.) that software like FINTECH Knowledge and know-how must be mandatorily integrated and incorporated for Finance and Banking specialization areas.

The idea of existing Entrepreneurship Cell was appreciated by all Industry Council Members and it was felt that welcoming of Entrepreneurs from various areas for conduct of workshops and Guest Lectures should be become a regular future at the Institute with Incubation Centre. The idea to connect with NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) was floated by Dr. M. P. Singh and supported by Ms. Niharika Joshi to strengthen the Entrepreneurship Cell.

The idea of DAPC (Department-Academic Program Committee) being practiced at IIT Roorkee found it mention in the meeting by Dr. Mukesh Barua was well received by all Industry Council Members and now in all academic planning, students representative (Class Representative, CR) will form a part of all such meeting and academic decisions ensuring students’ concern in subjects distribution/ allotment to faculty, curriculum revision, etc. The idea of Digital Curriculum was floated by Mr. Gautam Pande (Grey Orange) and was well welcomed by all other Industry Council members. The concept of wellness cell was well received by all Industry Council Members.


Mr. Arvind Mohan who is an expert in the area of Healthcare Analytics found its mention and connect by Dr. Likhi wherein the Industry Council members were of the view that his expertise must be taken to run, evolve best course curriculum, Industry Connect, Healthcare Analytics practices for MBA Healthcare and PGDM Healthcare program. Management education as the industry driven program that at its heart fosters human connection and collaborations, All Industry Council members felt that we have the opportunity and responsibility to be a catalyst for meaningful and measurable change. The Future worked out plans will enable us to support our students to become professionals to create more diverse and inclusive environments, develop career pathways, and ensure representation in leadership and supply chains by providing the learning and resources intended to reach and support our community. The Chairman of the Institute expressed immediate concern to have Industry driven management practices in all the areas of the Institute. At the last, Dr. Likhi along with the Chairman floated the idea/brief overview of Academic Council, Board of Governors and Industry Council wherein Hon’ble Chairman was of the view that Industry Council member strength must be increased from 9 to 15 which was very well received by all Industry Council Members. At the end, the Director with summarized conclusion with the takeaways from the session thanked all eminent Industry Council members for their valuable suggestions and guidance.

The meeting ended with thanks to the Industry Council chair.

For the full text and other details, please visit  Asia-Pacific