What is PGDM – Banking & Financial Services?

What is PGDM – Banking & Financial Services?

The PGDM in Banking and Finance is an industry-focused business management programme that prepares management aspirants for leading roles in the BFSI sector. The programme aims to equip students with the specialized knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the BFSI industry, besides imparting managerial knowledge and skills.

Why a PGDM Course in Banking and Financial Services?

The KPMG-CII report states that the banking industry in India has the potential to become the 5th largest in the world by 2020 and the 3rd largest by 2025.
All this suggests that the BFSI industry can become a preferred career choice for youth in the country because of the unprecedented growth opportunities it offers. Technological innovations such as ATMs, internet banking, payment gateways, and UPI, along with government policy initiatives like banking sector reforms, have dramatically changed how the BFSI industry operates. This change demands working professionals who are future-ready and equipped with industry-focused skill sets.
Higher education is entering a new era where the curriculum must rightly capture the new-age industry skills and behaviors required in a VUCA environment. The focus is to develop industry-focused competencies for work life. To achieve this, collaboration between industry and academia is crucial for advancement and innovation. The PGDM in Banking Management and PGDM in Financial Management programmes are the outcome of collaboration between BFSI industry experts and academia. It aims to create management professionals who fit the bill in today's dynamic BFSI industry.
Various BFSI industry roles that one can aspire to after the PGDM course in Banking & Financial Services programme include investment manager, credit manager, business development manager, customer relationship manager, investment advisor, fund manager, budget analyst, bank manager, banking fund flow manager, corporate banking manager, etc.
And, if you choose to do a course from the PGDM in Banking & Financial College, you can make your career in leading private banks, NBFCs, mutual funds, life and general insurance companies, and capital market companies.
Completing a course from the PGDM in Banking & Financial Colleges can put you on a career path in leading private banks, NBFCs, mutual funds, life and general insurance companies, capital market companies, etc.
Suppose this excites you, and you want to go for a PGDM in financial management and banking in Delhi. In that case, you may check the strong academic credentials of the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management and the impeccable placement record in the PGDM-Banking & Financial Services programme. More than 90% of past students from PGDM/MBA-BFSI have been placed with leading banks and financial institutions in the 2nd year of the programme.

PGDM – Banking &Financial Services at AIM

Bringing in its years of experience in BFSI industry training, our PGDM in Banking and Financial Services programme with industry partners and the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, Delhi, aims to equip students with industry-specific knowledge and skill sets to transform into professionals ready for the future workplace. The programme is designed to meet industry needs and is focused on practical learning. The PGDM finance and banking subjects are well-designed and prepared to meet the current requirements.

At the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, PGDM in finance and banking is a 2-year full-time management programme duly approved by AICTE (Ministry of Education, Govt. of India).

This Asia-Pacific Pacific is one of the best colleges for PGDM in Delhi. It is designed to offer in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience through several carefully chiseled modules in each area of the BFSI (banking, financial services, and insurance) industry and help students build a rewarding career in it. The industry-vetted curriculum includes concepts of retail banking, corporate banking, core banking (Finacle), legal and regulatory aspects, financial planning and wealth management, credit and risk management, international trade and finance, and other PGDM in finance subjects and banking subjects.

With intensive project-driven classroom training in the 1st year and experiential learning full-time on-the-job training (OJT) employment opportunities with leading banks and financial institutions after the 1st year, the programme aims to hone the candidate's managerial skills to effectively navigate the workplace and add value to the organization.

This programme is focused more on developing work-ready competencies through a rigorous learning format, superior pedagogy, sector-focused skill development methods, and hands-on training in advanced industry tools like Finacle and ET FinPro.

Job Opportunities

Past students from MBA/PGDM in Banking & Financial Services programmes have been placed on full-time on-the-job training (OJT) with leading banks and financial institutions, including HSBC, Standard Chartered Securities, DBS, Kotak Mahindra Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Yes Bank, ICICI Prudential AMC, Edelweiss, Tata Capital, City Union Bank, etc., after the 1st year of the programme.

Course Highlights

1. Industry-vetted curriculum, including Harvard Business School case studies

2. Hands-on training in Finacle Core Banking Solution by Infosys.

3. Focus on practical learning along with industry and field visits.

4. BFSI Industry Focused Projects Evaluated by Experts

5. Preparation for i ndustry certifications: NISM (4 modules) and DBF

6. Work Integrated Learning: Full-time On-the-Job Training (OJT) opportunity after the 1st year

Programme Structure

The PGDM in Banking Course and Financial Services Programme at the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi, is spread over a period of two years and is divided into 6 terms. Students undergo four terms of three months of classroom learning in the 1st year and two terms of six months in the 2nd year, which involve full-time OJT and project work.

PGDM - Banking & Financial Services

No. of Years - 2
No. of Terms - 6
Total No. of Hours - 1020
Total No. of Credits - 102

Programme Duration: 2 years

1st year: Application-based classroom learning; industry-focused, rigorous curriculum 2nd year: experiential learning through 1 year of PGDM in banking and finance institutions & project work. The PGDM in Banking and Financial Services programme provides full-time on-the-job training (OJT) opportunities to its students.

PGDM (Banking & Financial Services) - First-Year Courses

The first year consists of 4 terms of 3 months each. The curriculum includes various BFSI industry-focused and business management domain modules.


PGDM – Banking & Financial Services

Subjects No. of Credits No. of Hours
Business Economics 3 30
Principles and practices of Banking (DBF - I) 3 30
Accounting for Bankers (DBF - II) 3 30
Business Communication I 3 30
Excelling with Excel – I 3 30
Total Credits 15 150

Term-2: PGDM – Banking & Financial Services

Subjects No. of Credits No. of Hours
Corporate Finance 3 30
Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking (DBF III) 3 30
Banking Needs Assessment Survey 3 30
Excelling with Excel – II 3 30
ET Finpro – I 3 30
PEARL-I Personal effectiveness and relationship leadership 3 30
Business communication II 3 30
Finacle – I 3 30
Total 24 240

Term-3 PGDM – Banking & Financial Services

Subjects No. of Credits No. of Hours
PEARL-II Personal effectiveness and relationship leadership 3 30
Customer Relationship Management 3 30
Finacle – II 3 30
Immersion Program - Rural Banking 3 30
Indian Financial System & Financial Markets 3 30
Security analysis and Portfolio Management 3 30
Business Research Methods 3 30
Total 24 240

Term-4 PGDM – Banking & Financial Services

Subjects No. of Credits No. of Hours
Technology in Banking Management 3 30
Derivatives & Risk Management 3 30
Immersion Program - Branch Banking 3 30
Credit & Risk Management in Banks 3 30
Forex Management in Banks 3 30
PEARL – III 3 30
Financial Planning & Wealth Managent 3 30
Sales Management 3 30
Corporate Banking 3 30
Total 27 270
PGDM in Finance

PGDM (BFS) - Second Year Courses

The PGDM in Banking and Financial Services programme involves full-time on-the-job training (OJT) with leading banks and financial institutions after 1 year of PGDM in banking and finance.

The second-year courses are a mix of project- and research-based work besides full-time OJT with BFSI companies.


Subjects No. of Credits No. of Hours
Project Work 6 60
Total 6 60


Subjects No. of Credits No. of Hours
Research Based Work 6 60
Total 6 60

Pedagogy for the Value added Courses

Personal Transformation Lab

The Asia-Pacific Institute of Management strongly believes in the holistic development of a student. We make students efficient professionals and let them understand the importance of self-development. In this spirit, we offer personality transformation labs to our students. This lab will help students groom their personalities and prepare them for the corporate interface.

  • Develop an insight into yourself through introspection, reflection, and self-analysis.
  • Developing feedback sensitivity.
  • Identifying personality characteristics and their impact on one's behavior, relationships, and work.
  • Charting a roadmap for self-development.
  • Understanding and building competencies for positive transformation.
  • 10 hours in each term (Term I, Term II, and Term III), making it a 30-hour full-credit course.

Entrepreneurial Lecture Series

The Entrepreneurial Lecture Series is an opportunity for students to understand the journey of an entrepreneur. This is one of the first kinds of activities AIM will introduce in India.

  • To sensitise students towards entrepreneurial ventures driven by alumni and young entrepreneurs.
  • To connect with startups for live projects, if any.
  • It is a non-credit sensitization course. Five lectures in each term - Term III, Term IV, and Term V.

Experiential Lecture Certificate Courses

Apart from imparting theoretical knowledge, AIM also emphasizes experiential learning. Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience and is more specifically defined as "learning through reflection on doing. Apart from the elective courses offered in different specializations, each student has to study 4 experiential learning certificate courses in one term from term II onwards.

  • To give additional contemporary experiential knowledge to the students through a uniquely designed PGDM course in banking and financial services.
  • Each student is required to complete a minimum of four certificate courses.
  • Students must complete one course each term, from term II to term V.
  • These courses will be chosen by the students from the list of certificate courses provided by the institute.
Resource Person:
  • Certified Trainers from Industry

List of Experiential Learning Certificate Courses

  • Advanced Excel
  • Tally
  • E-commerce
  • Retail Banking and Financial Inclusion
  • Social Media Management Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • FinTech and New Age Technologies
  • Orientation program on R programming
  • Introduction to Big Data & Hadoop
  • HR Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Insolvency and Bankruptcy IPR Management
  • Six Sigma
  • Export-Import Documentation
  • Database Management

Please Note:

If you wish to know more about this programme, kindly call up on the Toll Free-1800113334 , Landline 011-42094800 or write back to us on our email id admissions@asiapacific.edu In case you are interested to apply online for this programme, kindly click on this link to directly access the application form.


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