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Student Testimonials

Dhruv Sehgal- Sales Trainee

The best thing about studying abroad in a prestigious institute like IDRAC Business School is the exposure you get. I mean the whole eco-system tends to be different. Be it the faculty, their teaching styles, the classmates, and the surroundings, almost everything feels like a new experience. I only wish I could stay there a little longer!

Rishabh Gaba- Relationship Manager

An early exposure to realities of the world is the best thing I received from IDRAC exchange program. Thank you Asia-Pacific Institute of Management for giving me an opportunity to study in IDRAC, Paris which not only nourished my interpersonal skills but also enhanced our team building, accuracy towards task and leadership capabilities that I learnt from our colleague in Paris.

Dshriti Karamchandani- Management Trainee - HR

The days I spent at IDRAC, gave me plenty of opportunities to immerse myself into the French culture, and stroll about the iconic landmarks and popular parks around. The classes were tremendously interactive and engaging. It was an unforgettable experience! Thanks Asia-Pacific Institute of Management for giving me this opportunity!

Nishant Tewatia- Deputy Manager

Being in Paris was like a dream come true for me! The whole experience was magical and I think I became sort of a new person when I came back to India after spending time at IDRAC Business School. The faculty members at IDRAC made sure that we were comfortable in our new surroundings. And the peers were very supportive and guided us whenever we went out to explore the “City of Lights.

Sauraj Verma- Executive Trainee

When I told my friends that I was going to Paris tostudy at one of its most reputed B-Schools, they didn’t believe. Regarding my experience, it was nothing less than magical. I was very happy and the days I spent there at the IDRAC Business School were full of learning and lots of fun. In a short span of time, I built memories that I would cherish for a long time.

Bedish Shrivasatava- Sales Trainee

The cross-cultural experience that a student program offers cannot be matched. From the day we landed in Paris and reached the university campus to the day we took our flight for India, we learnt a ton of things and made friends. The experience was phenomenal and will likely be counted by the HRs during the campus placement.