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Summer Internship (2016-18)

Every Business Management student has to leave the classroom and get into the corporate world for 2 months. At Asia-Pacific Institute of Management (AIM), New Delhi, we put in a great deal of efforts in strengthening our industry connect, and getting the best of internship opportunities for our management students.

The batch 2016-18 students at the institute have received probably the best industry internships this year. We, representing one of the most prestigious PGDM/MBA colleges in Delhi NCR, cannot thank enough our industry partners for their trust in our students. However, we would also like to appreciate our CCR / placement team that works day and night for ensuring top quality internships as well as final placements for the students.

Every year, our students spend 8-10 weeks working with the leading brains across organisations in Delhi NCR region and even nationally. It’s in these organisations that our students get to work on real projects and put their classroom learning to real business world challenges. Internships also let a management student from any of the premier PGDM or MBA colleges build upon his or her skills, build and nurture professional relationships, and also obtain references for future job opportunities. So, as you can see an internship that you get while pursuing an MBA / PGDM in Delhi is not just about working with a company for a few weeks; it’s way more than that and can tremendously help a student land on a great career. In fact, many of our students often get Pre-Placement Offers.

Organisations also benefit as the summer interns tend to provide the management a fresh perspective to their projects, as well as an objective and unbiased point of view about the organization's work process. Some of the renowned organisations that offered summer internships to our batch 2016-18 batch students include:

Saketh Reddy Syamala
Ankita Porwal
Megha Sud
Shivani Gupta
Jhilmil Johri
Gaurav Upreti
Deepika Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mohapatra
Priyanka Yadav
Rohit Sharma
Subhankar Pal
Himanshu Saluja
Gaurav Rawat
Qazi Ikram
Sourabh Arora
Rounak Banka
Tanu Mittal
Sumit Kumar
Priyanka Shukla
Gaurav Kabra
Sumit Arya
Amar Kumar
Jayant Pali
Lakshya Marotia
Ankit pandey
Srishti Agarwal
Rahul Singh
Uroos Fatima
Preeti Ambawata
Rishabh Chaubey
Prem Sharma
Ayush srivastava
Shekh Kaimudin
Debasish Saha
Shahid Ali Dar
Vibhor Tyagi
Gaurav Rawal
Aman Preet Singh
Saurabh Gangwar
Varun Mishra
Pallavi Acharya
Monika Kumari
Prabhat Kumar
Rohit Ranjan
Adil Ahmad Zargar
Rashid Hayatt Rais
Tirthankar Das
Shivam Agrawal
Rajashree Swain
Sneha Giri
Vinay Kumar Sharma
Daud Ahmad Khan
Nikita Gupta
Swati Thakur
Kanika Bhardwaj
Rishita Sharma
Rohit Gupta
Yayu Kholie
Tripti Shah
Tushar Punj
Ravinder Kaur
Drishti Arora
Vikas Wadhwa
Sulbha Sonal
Diksha Tripathi
Abhishek Thapriyal
Sheena Srivastava
Anindya Bhadra
Isha Aggarwal
Animesh Maheshwari
Parth Singhal
Arun Vazirani
Himanshu Sanga
Abhishek Siddu
Shubham Bhargava
Mayank Sridhar
Rohit Singh Baghel
Garima Choudhary
Navneet Gupta
Amol Garg
Ananda Sai Kishore L
Saket Reddy
Surabhi Widhawan
Prateek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma
Srishti Agarwal
Shikha Rani
Neha Khan
Charu Kharbanda
Uroos Fatima
Shamili C
Tushar Punj
Shambhavi Pandey
Rohit Khandelwal
Aman Choudhary
Kashish Bathla