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Employability Enhancement Programme

Business Communication & Personality Grooming Lab (BC & PG Lab) at
Asia Pacific Institute of Management
Rolls out Employability Enhancement Programme (EEP) for the 2nd Year Students,
Batch (2010-2012) 


Unemployment is globally regarded as a major social and economic problem. But first question that strikes to mind is whether the problem is unemployment or lack of employability? Today the industries expect new recruits to come to the corporate world with the proper balance of aptitude and attitude. They expect them to be committed, dedicated, self-disciplined, self-motivated, show high degree of learn ability and adaptability.

According to a study by Higher Education Forum there are gaps that exist between the expectations of the employers and skills possessed by the students churned out from educational institutes. Unfortunately it has been observed that the youth today are educated but ‘unemployable’ i.e. they are not ‘job ready’ in terms of “skill sets” required in the industries. The Labor Report states in 2007 “about 53% of employed youth suffer from skill deprivation while only 8% are unemployed”.
In light of the above, the Business Communication & Personality Grooming Lab (BC & PG Lab) is exclusively designed at Asia Pacific Institute of Management to plug in the gap by increasing students’ employability. A 150 hour intensive programme delivering experiential learning both through class room teachings and outbound trainings (OBTs), is set up by the institute to groom the students in the three major areas - Communications (BC I & II of 60 hrs. duration spread across 1st & 2nd Trimesters), Enhancing Soft Skills (ESS of 30 hrs. duration delivered in the 3rd Trimester) and Employability Enhancement Programme (EEP of 60 hrs spread across 4th & 5th Trimesters).  


With the placement season round the corner, Business Communication & Personality Grooming Lab (BC & PG Lab) rolled out its Employability Enhancement Programme (EEP) in order to train, groom and facilitate the job preparation needs of its 2nd Year Students, Batch 2010-2012. The lab organized several one-on-one mock sessions, seminars, workshops etc. in order to give the students an insight to actual interview scenario.
Under this programme, an interactive “Mock Selection Process in the Research & Consulting Sector” was organized on Nov. 26th, Saturday in campus premises.  The sessions covered all the aspects of the job selection process including Written Aptitude & Case analysis Test , Panel Interview  , negotiating job offers  and follow up.
The key resource persons on the occasion was Mr. J. Sanjay Kumar, Senior Associate (Research) from TCS ,Prof S.K. Gupta, Visiting Faculty & Advisor – CCR and Dr. Shalini Verma – Asst. Professor & Chairperson, CTDCL. The entire session was video recorded to educate the students about their body language, tone of voice and presence.

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