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At Asia-Pacific Institute of Management (AIM), New Delhi, we look at internships as enchanting opportunities to take our relationship with the industry to a whole new level. For the batch 2017-19 PGDM students, the industry response, in terms of offering internship opportunities to our students, has been overwhelming. Summer internships open up a whole new world for our students pursuing a PGDM course in Delhi Well-structured internships offer the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to apply knowledge learned in the classroom During the first year of their business management courses in India, students gain an overall understanding of how business are set up and run, and what kind of challenges they have to face during different stages of their evolutions. They learn about marketing, human resources management, finance, and several other aspects of business management. The internships offered at the best PGDM/MBA institutes in Delhi or elsewhere in the country give them a perfect platform to put their learning to actual use. This kind of experiential learning makes them more confident about their skills as a business executive. They also get to know about a lot of things that they should improve upon to make it big in their careers.

  • Gain valuable work experienceThe working experience that an internship offers to a student is invaluable. They get to know about how the world of business functions, and what exactly the recruiters look out for in the management graduates. The summer internship experience further strengthens their resumes as well.

  • Decide if this is the right path for you. An internship also enables a student make up his / her mind as to whether he/she would like to build his/her career in a particular field. For example, after working for an international arm of an FMCG company in its marketing department, a student can decide whether marketing is something he/she would like to pursue after the completion of the PGDM course, or a career in finance can be a better option.

  • Internships at any of the top 10 PGDM/MBA institutes in Delhi also entail several other benefits including providing students a chance to develop and build upon his/her skills, gain valuable networking contacts, obtain references for future job opportunities, and meet peers with similar interests. Post their internships that last for about 8-10 weeks, the students will be back in their classrooms with a more in-depth and specialized understanding of business management. There will be extensive discussions, reports sharing, and learning which will further fuel their professional growth.

  • For more information on the summer internships at Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, ranked as one of the best colleges in India for placements, or about the MBA/PGDM courses offered by the institute, kindly speak with us at 1800 1133 34. You can also email us at Email: admissions@asiapacific.edu.

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Chayanika Talukdar
Drishti Bansal
Samir Hussain
Damini Tyagi
Shubham Singhal
Prakhar Kumar Malviya
Vaishnavi Thapa
Chetali Anand
Tanvi Bakshi
Srishti Sharma
Sagar Suman
Rahul Srivastava
Ayusha Gautam
Pranab Mir
Akshay B Gadnis
Surya Sharma
Dheeraj Kumar
Vishal Kochar
Shubhi Malhotra
Nitin Dulani
Manan Kapoor
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Manoj Kumar Sharma
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Siddhant Kumar Subudh
Wasim Akram
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Shailja Mehta
Devara Sri Harsha
Saurabh Singh
Sanjeev Kar
Sagnika Sarbojaya

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