About the programme

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a two-year postgraduate program for students seeking expertise in business management. The course by AIM, one of the best MBA colleges in India, trains individuals in business operations, crisis management, and problem-solving techniques. It hones a student’s existing skills, develops their personality, and imbibes excellent leadership qualities in them.

MBA Course Duration

The duration of the MBA program is two years. In these years, students learn Business Communication, Change Management, Talent Management, Financial Management, Accounting, and other subjects, when studying at top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR. Students usually select full-time, part-time, distance, online, and executive MBA courses.

Why pursue PGDM in Business Management?

PGDM is an approved course, perfect for management aspirants to learn to develop relevant hard and soft skills required to excel in the industry. A PGDM by top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR focuses on practical learning, ensuring you learn all about the latest business trends, methodologies, and approaches. The major subjects in this program include Financial Modelling, Strategic Management, Risk Management, Human Resources, and Entrepreneurship. The curriculum of AIM, the best MBA institute in Delhi, is curated to enable maximum exposure to real-time case studies, simulations, projects, and internships for students.

Asia Pacific Institute of Management, one of the top MBA colleges Delhi, will empower business students with top credentials and a network of highly skilled professionals to set them up for prominent roles in any organization. We update our curriculum as per industry standards and the ever-changing global market. Our courses are one of the finest of their kind, with approvals from the All India Council for Technical Education India (AICTE).

Why is PGDM better than MBA?

Although both courses have legal acceptance, students usually choose PGDM from the best MBA colleges in India for its high placement possibilities and better networking opportunities. According to management industry experts, PGDM is one of the most dynamic professional programs. With their far-reaching understanding, we shape our program study resources and pedagogical practices. Before you go ahead and make a choice, here are a few differences highlighting why PGDM is a better choice than MBA.

Differences between MBA and PGDM

Focus PGDM in Business Management is focused on providing practical learning rather than theoretical. PGDM is a big investment, so you must stay updated on trends for securing the highest-paying jobs in any sector. Compared to PGDM, an MBA in Business Management is designed with a theoretical approach.
Curriculum PGDM in Business Management has a curriculum that industry experts have approved and meets the latest standard of work. An MBA programme isn’t as diverse as a PGDM programme.
Emphasis A PGDM tends to your networking needs and roping your dream job. You can access lectures, workshops, and internships at top MNCs and business firms in India and abroad. MBA in Business Management however, has a more academic approach to its curriculum.
Placement Rates As evident, a PGDM Business Management has higher placement rates. An MBA in Business Management too, gets you decent placements.

PGDM in Business Management at Asia-Pacific Institute of Management

Trying to find the best MBA institute in Delhi? Your search is over! A PGDM with Asia-Pacific Institute of Management one of the top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR, will help you achieve your goals. With accreditations and affiliations, our institute is reputed for empowering students to be the best and earn their dreams.

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