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Experience Sharing

Mradul Baghel- PGDM-Gen, Batch 2019-21

“Looking back at my time, for 3 months, as an exchange student at IDRAC, I couldn’t be more grateful to Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, for this unique opportunity. I got to learn and experience in such a multicultural and stimulating environment. I felt that the French, in general and the campus community, in specific, were very welcoming and friendly, which helped me to feel at home very quickly.

In terms of academics, I really enjoyed the variety of courses offered. Apart from getting personal attention, the lively interaction with both fellow students and teaching staff was much more common. I really liked their way of teaching and learning because the assignments and exams, throughout the term, emphasized continuous learning.

I feel that the French are amazing people and I have to admit that I had to adapt to the more polite and “to the point” style of conversation. It was an incredible learning experience, both inside and outside the classroom, while meeting wonderful people.

I thank everyone who have made my time at IDRAC so special – from my fellow students at IDRAC, housemates and friends to the very helpful IDRAC staff as well as my professors and tutors at IDRAC and Asia-Pacific Institute of Management. I encourage all students to go on exchange programs, get involved and explore the new environment, as I did.”


Studying in IDRAC has given me a total different outlook on how you can approach studies, and I have learnt to come up with more practical, indulging, and brain-stimulating solutions as the classes expects you to analyze live cases of companies as their employees. Throughout my time abroad, my eyes have opened to the myriad possibilities of different places around, their distinct culture, art and food. Moreover, this experience has taught me a lot about myself. I am more confident and an independent soul now. I am so grateful for the experience and I think more such opportunities should be created. All this has been possible because I have been lucky to get enrolled in Asia-Pacific Institute of Management – one of the best PGDM / MBA institute in Delhi / India offering the best PGDM / MBA programs in Delhi /India!


I am Charu Kharbanda. And here, I'd like to share my experience of studying in France. I went there in January, and came back to India in May. Those few months that I spent at IDRAC Business School were purely magical. I made friends there. I learnt about French culture, and learnt a whole lot of things which I am sure will help me in my career and in life. The exchange program made me a more confident and independent person. I also got a token of appreciation from IDRAC Business School for my Business Policy course. I am very thankful to Asia-Pacific Institute of Management (AIM), and my faculty for providing me with such an amazing opportunity. I am proud to be a student of this one of the best business colleges in India delivering the best PGDM / MBA programs in Delhi /India!


Studying at a foreign university is a great opportunity, especially for students of International Business like me. I've learnt a lot of new things here which I'm sure will help me in my career ahead. I am very thankful to AIM, which gave me such a wonderful opportunity to explore and get this global exposure. No wonder, my institute ranks high as one of the best PGDM / MBA schools in India as also the best PGDM / MBA institute in Delhi offering best PGDM / MBA programs in India.


When I was shortlisted along with seven batchmates to travel to France and study one trimester in IDRAC, it was like a golden opportunity for me and from that very moment my expectation with this exchange program was so high that I cannot express myself in words. Thank you Asia-Pacific Institute of Management for offering me one of the best PGDM / MBA programs in India.


IDRAC is one of the best institutes of management in France. I'm very thankful to AIM for sending me there under its student exchange programme for 4 months. For me, the programme proved to be a life changing experience. The programme made me independent and confident. The first few days were full of both excitement and confusion, but eventually I got over my nervousness and started enjoying it all. The interactions with professors and students were very good. Their way of teaching was awesome. And they were very friendly and helpful. Being there and experiencing a different culture, different language and different people have changed my way of thinking. I studied with students from diverse cultures, and that was an experience in itself. I got to know about their culture, lifestyle, and traditions. Sometimes it's hard to believe that I was so far from my home but the days spent in France would probably never come again in my life. While studying in France, one small problem that most of students from different countries face is that of communication. But over time, you learn to overcome these issues. One very important thing that I learnt during my exchange program was the power of smart work, and how anybody can learn this art. I would like to strongly recommend Asia-Pacific Institute of Management to all prospective students of management who may be interested in pursuing the best PGDM / MBA programme in Delhi and may be searching for best business colleges in India.

VAIBHAV BATRA- Financial Analyst at EY PGDM 2016-18

It was an amazing experience to go abroad and study with new students of different culture. There were students from different countries like Germany, South Korea, Poland, Morocco, and China. I was delighted to make new connections, new friends, learn a new language and cook new types of meals. The learning experience was great; students were provided with practical tips and tricks to deal with new people, manage time and money, become a creative problem solver, and solve practical problems while keeping in mind the business ethics. All this learning helped me to expand my horizon and knowledge. The faculty at IDRAC was very helpful and taught us a lot of things that could be beneficial in the future as a manager. This experience surely made me a better person and helped me improve my communication skills. I also got better at managing my finance. While studying there, I also learnt French. I would love to recommend this management institute to all the young boys and girls out there who want to make a bright career in management and are looking for the best business colleges in India and, particularly, the best PGDM / MBA institute in Delhi.

KAMRAN ISHTEAQUE- Relationship Manager - Angel Broking PGDM 2016-18

It's been a fantastic experience coming to Lyon and study at one of the finest schools in France. IDRAC has got the faculty that is currently working with top MNCs. This enables the school to offer its students the latest that's happening in the industry along with the theoretical part of the management education. The examination pattern is simple. They don't demand their students to memorize everything. One can take class notes during examination as the school encourages execution of ideas rather than memorizing facts and figures. They rely heavily on presentations as they compose 80% of the marks of a subject. People here are very humble and helpful. In my PGE-4 programme, there were students from different parts of the world including China, Russia, North Korea, Malaysia, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Switzerland, Germany, Mexico and almost all parts of France. Besides studies, I visited many European countries which gave me a deep understanding of the culture and heritage of Europe. Language and food were the only barriers here as maximum of the people don't know English and food here doesn't include spices. Lastly, I want to thank Asia-Pacific Institute of Management for offering me the opportunity to be a part of the Student Exchange Program. Here, I would also like to add that the overall course curriculum offered at Asia-Pacific Institute of Management is easily one of the best PGDM / MBA programs in India.