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Rules and Regulations

Asia-Pacific Institute of Management

Circulation Rules
1. We will provide all course books for all the students of first year and second year as a non returnable basis.
2. Book borrowing facilities are available to the members of the library and information centre (ATHENAEUM) against the bar-coded membership cum identity card issued to them. Books are issued from the counter on presenting the bar-coded card. ATHENAEUM membership cum identity card is non-transferable. No one is allowed to get books issued on other member's card.
3. New additions can only be issued after completion of technical processing.
4. If only a single copy of a book is available in the ATHENAEUM, it will not be issued. The same can only be consulted within the ATHENAEUM. However, as a special case, it may be issued with the permission of the Chief Librarian on week end.
5. Renewal is not automatic. For renewal, it is necessary to present the book at the counter. If there is appending demand for the book, the request for renewal may be turned down.
6. The list of new arrivals will be displayed on the notice board and the publication shall be kept on display shelf for a week. Afterwards the new arrivals will be available for issue if they are not reference books.
7. If a book is not returned within the stipulated time as given in ATHENAEUM rule serial no.12 below, the student will be charged a fine of Rs 5/-per day per book after 30 days, membership will be terminated; students have to apply for fresh membership at the cost of Rs. 500/- with the permission of director.
8. In the case of loss of book by the borrower, he/she shall pay late fine as admissible and also replace the entire multi-volume set, failing which he/she shall pay double the cost of the entire-volume.
9. If one or more book of a multi-volume set is damaged or lost by a borrower, he/ she shall pay late fine as admissible and also replace the entire, failing which he, she shall pay double the cost of the entire volume.
10. The students are responsible for ATHENAEUM card issued to them. Loss of card should be reported to the librarian immediately. The first duplicate card will be issued by charging Rs. 300/-and consequently the second duplicate card may be issued by charging Rs. 500/.
11. All members should return the books borrowed from ATHENAEUM before they proceed on long leave to avoid late fines beyond due date.
12. Librarian can recall books and duplication at any time to meet any urgent requirement.
13. Entitlements:

Faculty: 08 Books 6 Books for 1 Month, 2 Books for 1 Trimester
Staff : 02 Books for 7 Days
Students : 02 Books for 10 days, 8 from Book Banks for one Trimester

14. Timing: Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm, Saturday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
15. ATHENAEUM remains closed on Sunday and declared institute holidays.

1. A student will be permitted to enter in ATHENAEUM only by presenting his/her card and must sign in/out in the register available at ATHENAEUM gate.
2. Members are requested to maintain in silence in ATHENAEUM and not to disturb others. Smoking, eating, talking, using mobile phones etc., are strictly prohibited in the ATHENAEUM.
3. Personal belongings are not allowed in ATHENAEUM. They can be kept at the entrance. However; members may carry loose papers and a note book.
4. ATHENAEUM is fully automated and software generated transactions and reports are authenticated; these should be acceptable in case of any dispute.
5. The password provided to the access the E-resources should not be forwarded to outsiders.
6. ATHENAEUM follows an Open-access system. Books and other material taken from the stacks should be left by readers on the table for ATHENAEUM staff to re-arrange them properly.
7. Members of ATHENAEUM should not deface, mark, cut, mutilate or damage the reading material in any way. A student doing so will be fined heavily, apart from being asked to pay the cost of the damaged publication. In case a person repeats the offence for the second time, his/her ID card will be impounded and the membership shall be terminated.
8. The members are expected to behave decently and maintain the library decorum. Any irregularities should be brought to the notice of the Library/Director for necessary action. Casual dress is not allowed in ATHENAEUM.
9. The members are required to check the publications and point out any damages, to the library staff before leaving the circulation counter. After that he/ she will be responsible for any damage.
10. The members are requested to check their account after return of any book to library and collect the receipt in case of any type of payment to ATHENAEUM.
11. If any student is found indulging in the process of hiding, stealing or mutilating any book, he/ she will be fined as under and will be subjects to disciplinary action as deemed fit by director.

Book Hiding: Minimum fine Rs. 250/- Plus suspension of ATHENAEUM membership for a period of one month. On repetition of the act, minimum fine of Rs. 500/- plus termination of ATHENAEUM membership
Book Damaging: Minimum fine of Rs. 500/- Plus suspension of ATHENAEUM card for a period of one month. On repetition of the act, minimum fine will be Rs. 1000/- plus termination of ATHENAEUM membership.
Book Stealing: Minimum fine of Rs. 2000/- plus recovery of book and suspension of ATHENAEUM membership for a minimum period of one term. On repetition of the act, minimum fine of Rs. 4000/- plus termination of ATHENAEUM membership
Misbehavior with ATHENAEUM staff: Minimum fine will be Rs. 500/- on the repetition of the act, minimum fine will be Rs. 1000/- plus termination of ATHENAEUM membership.

12. No dues certificate will be given only after surrendering the identity-cum-library card and depositing all ATHENAEUM items, books etc.

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