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Ethnic diversity adds richness to a society.”

-  Gary Locke
The world has over a thousand ethnic groups; each with considerable genetic, linguistic, cultural and social diversity. However, in the digital world, where we claim 'World is One' yet we all carry different identities represented by what we wear, eat, believe and celebrate. Let us come together and celebrate our diversity as 'One World',"
So excited about  flaunting your ethic dress sense?
Want your friends to know your roots, your culture, and your traditions?
We, SAMVAAD CLUB at Asia Pacific Institute of Management, Jasola, New Delhi , are all greared up to celebrate ETHNIC DAY on 27th October, 2015, Tuesday.
So get ready to showcase your immaculate ethnic costumes and share some of the captivating folk songs and traditional dance forms that form the very identity of rich culture for eons.
The Ethnic Day envisages a world held together by its roots - a world that respects heritage, civilisation, anthropology, art and culture. By celebrating Ethnic Day, we get an opportunity to go back to our roots.

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