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The Institute is in search of excellence in the field of management education. Its range of academic activities includes teaching, research,training consultancy so as to continuously create intellectual capital.

AIM proudly announces the initiation of five new AICTE Programs in the campus this session onwards. The details of the programs are mentioned below:

  • The Postgraduate Diploma in Management (Marketing)
  • The Postgraduate Diploma in Management (International Business)
  • The Postgraduate Diploma in Management (Banking & Financial Services)
  • Executive PGDM and Executive PGDM Marketing
Workshop titled ‘Disagreeing politely’

Mr. Shuja U Zubery conducted a Workshop titled ‘Disagreeing politely’ on 12 March, 2008 at the campus. The faculties attended the workshop and were greatly benefited by the inputs and the practice sessions.

Session on Case Study Method

Prof. S. K. Kapoor took a session on “Case Method of Teaching” in the campus on 15th May, 2008; the session was attended by the entire Faculty of Asia Pacific Institute of management and felicitated by the Director Prof. D.K. Banerjee. The session was highly interactive entailing insightful sharing of experiences by the senior faculty. Prof. S.K. Kapoor emphasized on weighing pros and cons of all possible courses of actions before coming to conclusions. He also stressed on the need for looking at things and situations from multiple perspectives. On the whole, it was an enlightening experience as was gathered from the feedback from the faculty.

Pondicherry University Contact Classes

The Pondicherry University held its Contact programme for the Distant programme at the Mathura Road Campus, i.e. Asia Pacific Institute of Management Studies for five days from 10th June to 14th June 2008. Seven faculty members from AIM campus also took classes for the various subjects. The faculty members were Prof. SK Kapoor, Prof. S. Srirur, Mr. Shuja U Zubery, Mr. S. Alexander, Prof. S. Dasgupta, Mr. Rakesh Kumar and Ms. Tulika Chandra.
Visit to Patna Campus Mr. Shuja U Zubery visited Patna AIMS campus between 20th June and 22nd June 2008 to interact with Retail management students for assessing their Communication skills for job prospects in the NCR.
Academic Advisory Council Meet Academic Advisory Council Meeting was organized on the 3rd June, 2008. The objective of the meeting was to go through the syllabi of different subjects and to carryout their updation in conjunction the faculty of this institute teaching the subjects. Subject experts and industry experts from all the relevant fields were invited and the syllabi were reviewed and revised during 4-6 hour long rigorous sessions. The recommendations and propositions during these department wise sessions were then finalized in the meeting of department heads and experts with the director. Eminent Personalities from the industry and academicia were invited to name a few; Prof. (Dr.) Saleem Imran, Prof. (Dr.) N.L. Ahuja, Prof. (Dr.) Umesh Bahadur, Prof. Ashish Banerjee, Prof. (Dr.) C. P. Shrimali, Prof. (Dr.) B. D. Singh.