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IDRAC's International School of Management,France

Asia-Pacific Institute of Management

IDRAC's International School of Management, France

In line with the above objectives, we have signed agreements in the recent past with IDRAC's International School of Management, France. The agreements broadly cover student exchange programme and faculty exchange programmes. Success speaks for itself with the fact that the two agreements have been extremely successful. We have been able to invite French students to our campus continuously since last three years for one full academic term. This has served to establish that Asia-Pacific meets international academic standards and at the same time we have developed close ties with IDRAC. That is quite an achievement in such a short span of three years.

More interestingly, some of our French student-guests have done so well during internship programmes with Indian companies, that the Indian companies have given them job offers to work in India at highly attractive compensation packages. The French students have gladly accepted them and are currently working in India. As part of the student exchange agreement, we have sent Asia-Pacific's students to France for a full academic term. These students described the exposure to European education system and the culture as interesting and enlightening.

The success of the Student Exchange Programme convinced us it was the right time to move ahead with Faculty Exchange Programme. The interesting thing is that IDRAC International School of Management has been equally keen to go ahead with Faculty Exchange Programme. Mrs. Favre Benedicte, Head International Relations, visited us recently and we have had extensive discussions with her to work out details of the Faculty Exchange Programme. Mrs. Benedicte during her recent visit addressed Asia-Pacific's faculty and students about IDRAC's International School of Management. Her presentation was well received by the students and it has motivated Asia-Pacific's students to apply for Student Exchange Programme. We expect to send about ten students to France every year to implement student exchange program in its true sense.


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