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It has always been the vision of Asia-Pacific Institute of Management since its inception to develop strategic alliances with the premiere and leading institutions of the world in the field of education. The vision serves manifold objectives to promote international education through faculty exchange programmes, student exchange programmes, joint research programmes, twinning programmes and externally funded consultancy programmes. It further serves the purpose of enhancing academic standards to bring them at par with international standards which is really a major requirement for a B-School to succeed in the era of globalization of education.

IDRAC's International School of Management, France

In line with the above objectives, we have signed agreements in the recent past with IDRAC's International School of Management, France. The agreements broadly cover student exchange programme and faculty exchange programmes. Success speaks for itself with the fact that the two agreements have been extremely successful. We have been able to invite French students to our campus continuously since last three years for one full academic term. This has served to establish that Asia-Pacific meets international academic standards and at the same time we have developed close ties with IDRAC. That is quite an achievement in such a short span of three years.
More interestingly, some of our French student-guests have done so well during internship programmes with Indian companies, that the Indian companies have given them job offers to work in India at highly attractive compensation packages. The French students have gladly accepted them and are currently working in India. As part of the student exchange agreement, we have sent Asia-Pacific's students to France for a full academic term. These students described the exposure to European education system and the culture as interesting and enlightening.

The success of the Student Exchange Programme convinced us it was the right time to move ahead with Faculty Exchange Programme. The interesting thing is that IDRAC International School of Management has been equally keen to go ahead with Faculty Exchange Programme. Mrs. Favre Benedicte, Head International Relations, visited us recently and we have had extensive discussions with her to work out details of the Faculty Exchange Programme. Mrs. Benedicte during her recent visit addressed Asia-Pacific's faculty and students about IDRAC's International School of Management. Her presentation was well received by the students and it has motivated Asia-Pacific's students to apply for Student Exchange Programme. We expect to send about ten students to France every year to implement student exchange program in its true sense.

Grant MacEwan College of Canada

Asia-Pacific Institute of Management has recently made a major impact for globalising the international education by signing a memorandum of understanding with Grant MacEwan College of Canada. This memorandum covers broad range of activities including study opportunities for visiting and international students, exchange programmes for faculty, students and staff, articulated student transfers and joint research activities. However, the challenge lies in bringing the activities of the memorandum into "down-to-earth" success stories and prove the same potential benefit for the partnering institutions.

Gunadarma University, Indonesia

To create a new ight future materially and spiritually would be an agony. All strength given to face all challenges comes toward. Nevertheless, all successes achieved will come around to us to justify senses. To grow righteous and well educated man, tough mentally and spiritually. Through these words, we can find the true meaning and the role of an education institution as one of media to produce worthwhile man and hopefully would contribute for the growth of nation. With these thoughts, Gunadarma Education Foundation was established in 1981. Starting its role by opening a computer education called Computer Science Education Program that later turn out to be Indonesia Computer & Science Academy, and then was change into Gunadarma Computer and Informatics Management High School and additionally Gunadarma Economic High School completed the emerge of this foundation. The dedication doesn't stop, the foundation keep adjusting the form of the education institution to be a University that later was established by a decree from General Director of DIKTI No. No.92/DIKTI/Kep/1996 dated April 3 rd 1996 about the merger of Gunadarma Computer and Informatics Management High School and Gunadarma Economic High School into Gunadarma University .

Szent Istvan University, Hungary

Asia-Pacific Institute of Management signed an agreement of cooperation with the Szent Istvan University, Hungary. The University is one of Hungary’s most prominent institutions of higher education, consists of seven different faculties for study and research hosting over 16,000 students. The university campuses, located throughout the country, are home to some beautiful buildings in Hungary, offering students and staff a comfortable, relaxing environment for the attainment of knowledge. Within the seven faculties, degree programs are offered in a wide variety of subjects ranging from natural sciences, engineering and veterinary medicine to business, economics, social sciences, health sciences and pedagogy. Programmes are available at every level from vocational training to PhD and beyond.

The co-operation will help in the development of joint research projects and joint organization of conferences and seminars. Both the institutes have also planned for the exchange of students and faculty in the coming session. The agreement has been signed by Prof. Peter Koles from the Szent Istvan University and Sh. A K Shrivastava on behalf of the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management.

Oklahoma State University, USA

President Burns Hurgis, Oklahoma State University, USA visited the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management on March 19, 2013. The academic delegation led by the President included Dr. Sharda Ramesh, Prof. Shida Henneberry, Dr. Gopal Kakani, Prof. Mike Woods and Dr. M V L Prasad. A brainstorming session was held in the institute on the Present Day Global Business Scenario and faculty members of both the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management and Oklahoma State University participated in session. A memorandum of Understanding was also signed at this occasion between the two organizations. The agreement was signed by the President Burns Hurgis from Oklahoma State University and Chairman Sh. A K Shrivastava from Asia-Pacific Institute of Management.

Under this MOU, both the institutions agreed to pursue cooperative activities to be conducted on the basis of equity and mutual benefit of both parties. Such activities may involve the areas of instruction, research, and extension and may include various forms of exchange among professionals and scholars within the two institutions.

University of Northern Iowa (UNI), USA

Asia-Pacific Institute of Management (AIM) serves as an intellectual resource base in India, maintain the standards of excellence in every aspect of its operation, and became a role model for newly emerging centers of quality education in India. Quality education is a buzz word these days across the world and the globe is interconnected in every aspect of educational opportunities. In order to facilitate international academic exposure at home, exchange of students and faculties; developing academic and scientific relationships; and in support of collaborative research activities between institutions, AIM has established Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with similar institutions across the globe. Presently, the institute has the following unique exchange programmes for its students and faculties.

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