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8 top skills companies want from a management graduate

Smart businesses understand the value that motivated employees bring to the table. Flipkart, American Express, Tata, Maruti, E&Y, Kent RO, DishTV, Accenture, you name any leading brand, and you’ll realize that all these companies are very particular about the people they interview and hire. Even when these companies come for campus placements, they look out for several specific traits in the students. In this post, we’ll share with you the traits that will highly increase your chances to cracking your campus interview and getting placed at a leading company.

  1. Ability to fit in the Organizational culture: Organizations are made by the people and people are driven by the values of the organization. Your ethics, values and culture should sync in really well with that of the organization to strike in harmony and happiness.We all spend about 1/3rd of lives at work. Work seeps in our personal spaces and relationships too. It defines our mental state of being to a great extent. A happy employee is more like to have a healthy personal life as well.So, this happiness parameter often comes when you get into an organization that fits well within your ethical and cultural norms. A research study by Kristof-Brown reported that employees who were comfortable with organizational culture were indeed the most contended, happiest and were more committed to work.
  1. Team player: According to GMAC corporate recruitment survey2017, companies from US and Asia-Pacific region value team player skills a lot. As a team member, you are expected to co-ordinate well with your other team mates. You must work together as a team to achieve a common goal.
  2. Experience in the Specific Job: Relevant work experience of minimum two years is highly desirable. Work experience gives you an edge over others as it empowers your talent and skills by making you workplace-ready. An employer always looks forward to having relevant work experience in you.
  3. Degree from a renowned PGDM college in India: A top rated B-school is always known for high standard of academics and industrial exposure. As a result, the students are bound to outshine other candidates from other B-schools.Employers consider it as a safe bet to employ candidates from a reputed PGDM college in India, since a reputed B-School often takes god care of the academics, soft skills training, communication skills and relevant subject knowledge of its students.
  1. Excellent communication skills: Communication is a key to expressing yourself effectively. At work, you need to be impactful by being able to express yourself accurately.Of course, miscommunication of any sort can create multiple hassles at work and is highly avoided. The better your hold is in ‘English’ as a language and ‘voice modulation’, the better communicator you are.Communication skills are indeed the most sought after skills in a management graduate. A lot of top company recruiters look out for great communication skills in the candidates.
  1. Strategic Thinking: Strategic thinking requires a planned and logical approach to work. It enables employees to work on the right things without getting distracted of taking any impulsive decisions. It is a great social trait that helps you to make the best use of people around and also indicates a great intellectual property.
  1. Leadership: A leader can bind a large number of people to work harmoniously towards a common goal. Every small or big businesses require an employee with leadership skills who can direct the entire team to achieve productivity.
  1. Creative problem solution: Each one of us has a capability to open the right side of the brain which is highly creative. When you let the creative energies flow through your mind then you can come up with excellent innovative solutions to complex problems.Every business is faced with many complex problems every now and then. But, people who have been able to design creative solutions to ideas have been able to successfully uplift the businesses to a great height.These are some of the most sought after qualities that top the list of employers. Though, these traits are less commonly found yet they are preferred by the employers. So, now that you know what is expected out of you at the end of two years, then, why not work towards it properly. You have plenty of time to develop yourself provided you make use of every single second.

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