Analytics & BIG DATA for School Kids

Analytics & BIG DATA for School Kids

The information technology is opening new vistas for the new age citizens, especially in the urban India. A country where the literacy rate has seen consistent growth over last few decades, the next measure of modernization, i.e. Computer Literacy is also showing upward trends.  India has the world’s 3rd Largest Internet Population and 2nd largest in Asia Pacific. 75% of PC internet (personal or work computer) users in India are under the age of 35 and 90% of mobile internet users in India are under the age of 35. Almost all the parents in the metro cities are connected to the internet.  It took the country 10 years to go from 10 million internet users to 100 million internet users. Now the country is adding five million new Internet users every month. India already has over 200 million internet users. They are adopting new technologies in their daily lives. Applications like Facebook, Whatsapp and Gmail are now integral parts of the life for these well educated parents. These growing number of internet users are generating huge amount of data, along with the data being captured by their interaction with the various software at different touch points in daily lives.

The possibilities of using Analytics and Big Data for the Kids Care are endless. Strategic adoption of technology can help in security, health, education, interest & career decision for the schools and parents. The journey of a school kid starts with getting in to the school bus. Now the schools are mulling to replace the traditional paper base identity cards with the RFID enabled Identity cards. The moment student enters the bus upon swiping their card at the entrance, the information about the unique ID, date, time, Bus No. etc. is automatically entered in the database of the school. This database becomes handy for the parents too, as they can check the status of Bus, the staff on boards, time of boarding and getting down etc. This information is being provided to parents over ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Software), SMS and Whatsapp mobile applications. The administrator of the school can also keep a check whether a student has entered the bus or not. They can also match the data of students entering the school and leaving the school. This auto match report can further help save any student who might be prone to some security risk in the school premise. These softwares may send alert to the administrators and parents about the mismatch of incoming and leaving report of the campus.

Further the performance of school kids is being entered on the software where the data of student’s performance in various subjects, hobby classes, activities and events is stored. The analysis of this data may reveal the hidden trends and help find the best suited path for the students. The interest level, regularity in school, sudden fall or improvement in a particular subject can also help the school administration to identify the reasons behind it.


Prof. Saurabh Mittal

Asia-Pacific Institute Of Management