How Is MBA Different From PGDM?

How Is MBA Different From PGDM?

With the advent of corporate culture, globalization, and increasing entrepreneurship enthusiasts in India, more and more aspirants are opting for management courses after graduation. There are many institutes and universities that are offering postgraduate programs in management throughout the country. Delhi alone has more than 2000 management institutes offering a wide range of management courses.  The management courses offered by different institutes and universities fall under two categories/titles, viz., MBA and PGDM. Aspirants often get confused about the two as they are not able to make out the difference between the titles as well as their content. This causes the biggest dilemma of their lives – which course they should opt for and why. 

Here is how an MBA degree different from PGDM. 

Undeniably, both the courses MBA and PGDM predominantly train aspirants for managerial and leadership positions. However, there are a fairly large number of technical differences between the two. The basic difference between the two is – MBA stands for Master of Business Administration, which is a postgraduate degree. While, PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management, which means it is a diploma in management.

However, the tenure for both the courses is same. Both are two year management programmes in which students learn various skills set to be used in the world of business.

MBA is a Master’s degree in management. The degree of MBA can only be offered by recognized universities, institutes, or colleges affiliated by the universities that are allowed to offer the degree in Business Administration, such as University Grants Commission (UGC). Institutes offering MBA courses in India follow one single curriculum designed by the UGC. 

PGDM on the other hand, is a course offered by colleges which are not affiliated to the recognized universities or are not authorized to offer degrees or are autonomous bodies like IIMs. Therefore, courses offered by autonomous bodies are recognized as a diploma and are regulated by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

Academic Differences between MBA and PGDM

As said earlier, both MBA and PGDM aim to train aspirants in management and administration. However, the approach both follows are different. MBA degree is more theoretical compared to the PGDM course. As, PGDM focuses more on the technical aspects of the course. MBA courses have a standard format and students are taught according to that format. Whereas, in PGDM course students are provided with exposure to real-life business situations. 

Colleges offering PGDM courses keep their curriculum upgraded according to the needs of the changing business environment and trends in business management.

How the difference between MBA and PGDM impacts the aspirant’s career choices

Well, so far career choices are concerned after pursuing MBA or PGDM, there is definitely no difference. What matters the most is the name of the institute or the reputation it maintains in the industry. The right management course can be a launch pad to the aspirant’s career. What one should keep in mind while opting a course is that – the management institute he/she chooses has a standard, reputation and name in the industry.