How to Crack CAT 2018? (It’s Easier Than You Think)

With CAT 2018 due in a couple of months down the line, the aspirants can feel the real heat of it. Most aspirants like you resort to coaching institutes to prepare for the test. Yet, some also opt for online courses, mock tests and self-studies to prepare for it. The only aim for most aspirants is to get into the best pgdm colleges in India.

Whatever is your strategy to crack the test, you need to learn the tactics to conquer this test. Cracking CAT 2018 can be the game changer for your career for the rest of your life if you manage to get into the best pgdm colleges in India.

CAT, as the name suggests, is for those what are CAT like! It means that you need to be extremely alert, proactive and calculative like a CAT before taking any leap. In simple words, you need to think before taking a leap.

CAT is one of the easiest exams if you believe in doing smart work. Smart work does not mean working less but rather it means doing effective work and knowing how to go about achieving goals.

Most people prepare for CAT for hours together, yet, are unable to pass through good colleges. This is because they have not taken the right approach to preparation.

However, you will be taken by surprise to know that CAT is usually topped by freshers who are attempting it for the first time. Most of these toppers are already working which leaves them with little time to prepare. Yet, they manage to top the exam with little time investment.

However, you will be taken by surprise to know that CAT is usually topped by freshers who are attempting it for the first time. Most of these toppers are already working which leaves them with little time to prepare. Yet, they manage to top the exam with little time investment.

So, there surely has to be something more that studies that help you sail through this exam. Here’s digging deeper into the success stories of topper of CAT and learning what it takes to get into the best pgdm colleges in India.

Success Stories

Atul Goyal – CAT topper in 2016, secured 99.99 percentile
Atul Goyal’s rocking 99.99 percentile in CAT 2016 made his family very proud. Hailing from a small city of Barnala, Atul’s dream college has been FMS Delhi, one of the best pgdm colleges in Delhi.

The only strategy that he adopted while appearing in CAT was to study less but study effectively. As per him, the concepts and basics need to be worked upon well. Once, you have the basics right, solving questions become a cake walk.

Atul would study a lot of magazine, papers, novels etc, for building his vocabulary and reading comprehension. And, for the rest he would just focus on building a strong foundation.

As per Atul, even two months are enough for preparing for CAT well. It is an exam that needs to be strategized well to crack it.

Ayush Saraf – CAT topper in 2017, secured 99.99 percentile

As per Ayush, the only way to gauge, strategize and prepare well for CAT is by taking up Mock tests. He says that CAT is all about surprises and the only way to get used to dealing with these surprises successfully is to appear in mock test.

Mock tests exposes you to different scenarios every now and then, and you learn to deal with these scenarios each time you appear in a test. Moreover, mock tests help you gauge your weaknesses well, which can be worked upon and overcome in the coming tests.

With this strategy, Ayush got into IIM Ahmedabad, the best pgdm colleges in India.

Strategies to top CAT exam- The CAT’s Way

  • Presence of mind– More than devoting time to studies, you need to build your presence of mind. The exam pressure and nervousness takes over you so much so that you may end up missing the hints of the question that are directed towards your alertness.
    Most competitive exams including CAT are based on sheer presence of your mind. Some questions are jumbled up and asked in a roundabout manner where the answer to the question is really simple and straight forward.
    It is better to practice a fewer number of questions for half an hour each day but with full alertness and concentration. It is a must-do strategy to prepare well for your exam.
  • Read, read and read English– Reading comprehension and vocabulary are two things that you will build upon only when you are an avid reader. You need not to become a book worm but only need to regularly dedicate yourself to reading varied stuff. Pick up topics from psychology, astrology, healthcare, spirituality, aeronautics, oceanography, etc. to build your comprehension skills on new subjects.
    This will help you to take up any reading comprehension skill test with confidence. Dedicating one hour of reading on any varied subjects is good enough to prepare for CAT.
  • Learn the Concepts and Basics– You must take up online mock tests to solve different questions on Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning. Solving these questions will show you your weaker areas that need to be worked upon.
    Revisit the concepts and basics and take up more questions on the same to test your understanding of the concept.
    Any tough or easy question is built on the basic concept. If your concept is good, then, there is nothing that can stop you from getting to the right answer.
  • Build a hobby– CAT is more of an aptitude test then a test of knowledge. You need to have the right perspective of looking at things in your life. This is the base on which you are tested on in CAT.
    Building a hobby like sports or any creative hobby helps you to relax, stay fit and come back to your preparation totally energized and fresh.
    In the best B-schools in Delhi or other metros, all these aspects play a critical role. You are expected to have some serious hobbies that you pursue on a regular basis. As they say, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. So, it is important to have some hobby to come back to work fully geared up.
  • Be consistent and Confident– There are no written rules to success. You need to carve your own path. Just be honest to whatever you are doing. When you are playing, play hard, but, when you are studying, you must study harder.
    Each one of us has got 24 hours in a day. Not a second less and not a second more. You need to use each of your seconds effectively. CAT as I mentioned earlier, gauges your attitude or perspective of looking at things more than your knowledge.
    Hence, you need to plan your time, your studies, and your day. Make sure you stay confident and keep working towards your aim, irrespective of the score or feedback you are getting in tests.
    Remember, there is always a room for improvement as nobody is perfect in this world. So, just work on with the right attitude and do your best. Your only competition is with you as others are competing with their unique abilities and so are you.
    So, be the best version of yourself no matter what the results are. Lastly, the world never begun with CAT, for it got invented only a few years back. We have had many extraordinary examples of leaders before CAT and still have them now. So, CAT is just a measure of your abilities at a certain point in time.
    This world does not end with CAT and if you hold on to your craft really well and are confident then CAT or no CAT, you have a world ahead man!
    So, with a big smile on your face get back to your preparations. And, most importantly say bye bye to STRESS and as with this approach you will anyways become somebody out of nobody. So, cheers!!!
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