4-Day Orientation-cum-Industry Connect Programme Asia Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi

My convocation day story in top B-school

Today on my convocation day of post-graduate diploma in management (PGDM) program from Asia Pacific Institute of Management (AIM), New Delhi, I became nostalgic and remembered the golden words, which my father shared with me about the convocation day when I was just a school kid.
One day my father after getting fed up with this question- why college students get so excited about their convocation day? He said- as marriage day is unforgettable in our personal life similarly the convocation day is unforgettable for our academic life. He said-you will realize this when you will celebrate your convocation day.  In fact he was right I can feel the same emotion now for my convocation.
When I took admission in the AIM, one of the top business schools in northern India, I was one of the proudest boys in this world. I had many dreams and aspirations to fulfill, I was serious to make my career in the banking and finance sector, so I chose the PGDM in the BFS program. I planned to enrich myself with the banking and finance subject and then to get a highly lucrative merchant banking job in any financial firm. Those were the days when I joint B-school with my raw dreams, and today is the day when almost all of those dreams are ripe now with a sweet taste. I will extend my sincere gratitude to the AIM’s management and faculty members, for everything which I got till now. I have got a job in the HSBC bank as a merchant banker itself at a very handsome salary package, foreign tours, and good work-life balance.
So today on the convocation day I am feeling overwhelmed and I have no words to express my feelings. On the one hand, I got everything and on the other hand, I am losing my college and academic days. But this is life, we have to move on. Let me brief you about today’s convocation ceremony also, otherwise, you will say I made you bored with my stories only.
Today the ceremony got started with the arrival of the chief guest, our chairman, and director both welcomed him to the auditorium of our college. We all were excited and delighted for the reunion of our entire batch in the college. All of our college day’s memories got freshened up and literally, we cried. Today we all were in the typical convocation dress with a mortarboard on our head.
When the chief guest reached the auditorium hall, our chairman sir presented him the bouquet and our director ma’am present him sachets. Afterward, they lit up the lamp and gave a signal to start the convocation ceremony. Hundreds of visitors and relatives were also present in the ceremony function to boost and motivate us.
Chief Guest addressed the audience with some of the real-time examples of how moral values and integrity will help us in all of our careers and throughout our life. We were called by our name and presented a medal and a diploma at the function. On the completion of the distribution of diploma and medals, a couple of more things were remaining. A group photo of the entire batch with all faculty members, chairman sir, director and our chief guest, and last but not least the throwing up of our mortarboard in the air.

 Before completing my story of the convocation day, let me tell you about one more question which I asked my father- Why students throw their mortarboard in the air at the last of the convocation? He said this throwing off mortarboard signifies that, let our career too go sky high as the mortarboard.
Now I admit the importance of the convocation day and I think the memories of this ceremony will always remain fresh in my mind.