Perfect Job: A myth or reality?

In one of the recent surveys involving the top management colleges in Delhi, most students admitted to pursuing MBA or PGDM programs to find jobs that perfectly meet all their aspirations.

Chances are the question, “Is dream job a fantasy or a reality?”has bothered you hundreds of times. So in this article, we will try to help you with this question as to whether dreams jobs exist.

A lot of us visualize a dream job with a fat pay cheque, having an extravagant office cabin, a few assistants available to organize work and above all, having all luxuries in the world that you can think of. We often imagine our dream job to be engaging yet stress free. A place where people look up to you with respect, honour and gratitude. The good news is dream jobs do exist for many people on this planet but your quest for a dream job will never end if you have not learnt the secret behind the dream job. Dream jobs come with the right perspective needed to look at them. There is no job that comes with a label of perfection; even the coolest jobs on Earth have flip sides to them.

So, of course, having the right attitude of looking at jobs make them perfect, lovable and thriving. At this point, you might be getting another question on your mind, which is ……..

Does a highly paying job make up for a dream job?

It does to a certain extent. But salaries and incentives alone cannot make a job a dream job. A PGDM course ensures you a great career. However, there have been several instances where people left their high paying carers and chose to follow their passions. Surbhi Jain, an IIT grad, well paid professional was working with Google. Google, undoubtedly, is the dream company for most. But, she decided to quit her well-paying secured job to chase her passion for dance.

Another example is of the founders of Better Brains which is owned and run by a couple who left Ivy League University’s well-paying and highly promising job to chase their passion.

According to the Global LinkedIn survey, one third people admit that they are in their dream job related fields. You would be surprised to know that most dream jobs based on your inner calling start with a very less pay. Be it a guitarist, writer or an athlete, it is only their passion that keeps them stick around to these jobs.

One of the real life examples is of Mr. Steve Silberberg, an owner of the Fitpacking weight loss company. His company takes people on tours and trips outside the country. As he puts it, ‘he absolutely loves what he does but hardly makes enough money to sustain living all by itself. But, he strongly feels that his job is his dream job indeed!!

But, does this force you to think that a dream job is a choice between passion and money? No, not really!! Dream jobs have to be manifested, chased and worked for. You need to create your own dream jobs by balancing your skills with your passion.

Now, let us look at it the other way round. Can you count top 10 well-paying jobs in the world? Occupational Outlook Handbook published in 2016 shares some lucrative unbelievably high paying jobs in the world. The highest paying jobs are that of Business Heads, Art directors, talent agent, Animator, Doctors, Archivist, Musicians, Artists, Engineers and Aeronauts.

However, a close conversation with many of your successful friends, family and acquaintances will tell you that they are in their jobs only for financial gains. If you ask them if that’s their dream job- the answer will be a straight ‘NO’. Don’t be surprised if they say that the dream jobs never existed.
Well said!! But, passion often has the power to attract success towards it. And, a job always has to be a mix of liking and money; else it may make you feel empty and unsatisfied.

Should you look for the dream job?

Do you know that we spend an average of 1647 hours working every year? Hence, most of the life as an adult is spent working. So, would it be not wise to shape up your career in something you love doing? And one of the best ways to get into dream careers is taking up a PGDM program.

If you not sure about your passion then rather look for a multi-tasking career option

For most of you, the inner calling is yet to be awakened. If you are somebody who doesn’t know what you would love doing professionally then you can start it by taking up a multi-tasking career option.

One such option that is known to me is to take up an MBA or PGDM course. Such a management program is a mix of all domains and skills of learning. It exposes you to all possible functioning of the businesses that exist.

It improves you as an individual, brings out the best version of yourself, improves your communication skills and inter-personal skills, improves your soft skills, teaches you time management and most importantly opens you to the ways how businesses run in this world.

The biggest advantage of pursuing an MBA or PGDM program from top management institutes in Delhi is that you come out as a professional with strong work ethics and values and you are still a jack of all trades. So, this gives you immense opportunities to try your hands in different career domains before zeroing down on something that is of interest to you.

It equips you with skills to run and manage a venture of your own, in case you choose to take your passion to a next level.

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