Should you be pursuing MBA after BE/B.Tech?

MBA from top pgdm colleges open up new vistas of opportunities. A PGDM program helps you to establish your own venture in the future. If you wish to change your field or if you are not happy being in the technical domain.

Technical stuff is not everyone’s cup of tea, only those who can relate with technical stuff can thrive in it well. So, most of the students have another bright option of pursing MBA or PGDM program soon after BE/BTech. There are many reasons for BE/BTech graduates to pursue MBA or an industry driven PGDM program from top ranked business schools in Delhi and NCR. Here, are few of them mentioned.

Dissatisfaction with technical career

This may come as a total shock to you but most IIT graduates end up in industries doing jobs that are hardly relatable to what they studied. There have been many software developers who hold a degree in metallurgy but are now developing test cases for an IT firm.

Whether this is right or wrong is a different thing, but most people are not able to relate their jobs with their academics. And, yes a job is a job anyways if it’s giving you your financial independence but after a certain point of time you get disillusioned.

A lot of final year students of engineering are in this conundrum whether they should go for MS from foreign universities or for MBA from top management colleges in India. Of course, it is a tacky situation as you have to choose a career without knowing what lies ahead.

We all have spent countless nights worrying about what you want to be in your life. Once, you have figured that out then there is another big challenge of clearing entrance test, IIT. In IIT entrance also, a lot of qualifiers drop out and re-attempt the exam if they are not offered a branch of their choice.

Imagine so much hustle-bustle and worry in life and what do you get post that? A job totally out of your interest! This is why people want to switch to something that looks more logical and secured to them.

Mid-life crisis

There are two categories of people who suffer from a midlife crisis. One is highly technical IT graduates who see an end of career in their mid-lives because they are no longer affordable by most companies or their knowledge has become obsolete for the new technological know-how.

To avoid this, most engineering techies take up MBA courses to give their career a second innings. Another category of people is of those who just happen to do BE because they get mesmerized to work for big brand names with swanky offices and hefty perks.

These people enjoy life to the fullest when they start working but very soon the false façade break off and they start feeling a void or boredom in lives. After having worked for 4 to 5 years, they take up MBA programs to finally be able to do something more exciting and engaging.

Owing to these reasons, engineering graduates pursue MBA from top management colleges in Delhi and India. Having a mix of technical and management background has both positive as well as negative sides to it.

Advantages of pursuing MBA after BE/B.Tech

There are many advantages of pursuing MBA after BE/B.Tech.

  1. Right blend of technology and managerial skills: MNCs today look for employees who are good at multitasking. So, with varied rich academic background you surely have an upper hand in the organization. Also, technology is indispensable part of work lives, so, with technical background you are more likely to use technology in your favour and it is easy to keep upgrading yourself from time to time.
  2. Better Employability: Graduates from top management colleges in India with engineering background are much in demand and are needed by many organizations. There are a separate set of jobs created for managers with technical background these days. So, surely your chances of employability with such organizations go up.
  3. Better pay packages: MBA after BE fetches jobs with better pay. With technical background, your chances of scoring well in aptitude test increase, so you may land up with higher pay packages. And, with MBA background your overall personality and communication skills are honed which increase your change of getting recruited by top employers.
  4. Offers from good brands: High notch IT firms and BFSI firms usually require candidates with MBA and engineering background. So, you get an opportunity to work with the top employers of the world.

MBA is increasingly becoming the most popular degree as per US department of Education. In 2011-2012, 191,571 in US graduated with degrees in Business, which makes 25.4% of all the master’s degrees conferred whereas 178,062 (23.6%) master’s degrees were awarded in total.

 Disadvantages of doing MBA after BE/B.Tech

 Every single thing in this world has its pros and cons. And the same goes for pursuing a PGDM program or MBA course after BE/B.Tech They include a complete change in the nature of their jobs, more competition in the job market, and 2 more years to learn about management.

The moral of the story is that you must always do what you like. Running after lucrative career options or doing something because of peer pressure will surely not work out in the longer run. Not all successful people hold degrees to prove their worth, yet they are successful because they followed their hearts. So, it is always wise to evaluate and analyse the options you have in front of you. Make sure to speak to your friends and relatives who are already employed with corporates to understand how the work life really is.

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