Tips to ace your PGDM: A blog on tips and tricks to getting into a PGDM

Tips to ace your PGDM: A blog on tips and tricks to getting into a PGDM

Meta Title: Helpful Tips to Crack a PGDM Program

Meta Description: Master these helpful tips to ace your PGDM exam and have a well-thought-out strategy in place.

Tips to Ace Your PGDM

A Blog on Tips and Tricks to Getting Into a PGDM

Getting into one of the top MBA colleges in India should be the aim of all those who want to pursue an MBA/PGDM/MMS. Doing your best now can give you an edge, and when you get into a college of your choice, you are left happier upon joining. 


Having decided to pursue an MBA/PGDM, one must prepare to get into the course. Here are some key areas in which your candidature to institutes is judged and how you can prepare for it:

  • Mathematics: All MBA colleges require you to do an entrance test with a lot of mathematics. This is the reason why IITians dominate in IIMs. However, many top business schools are available to keen students. What you require to do, is to keep practising mathematics under guidance. You need not take an intensive study in maths but brush up on the relevant fundamentals in the logic-based entrance exams. 
  • English: All entrance examinations of Top MBA colleges in India test your English. Do not be intimidated even if you find yourself weak in certain areas of English. Make sure to give your best. Brush up your English by reading newspapers and magazines and taking mock tests.
  • General Knowledge and current affairs: There is a touch of general knowledge in entrance examinations. Often, the group discussions and personal interviews are also based on current affairs. So, it is best to read newspapers and magazines. Avoid watching television for such preparation as reading gives you a more intensive knowledge. 
  • Group discussions: Shortlisted candidates will be called for a group discussion after the entrance examinations. To be prepared for group discussions, you should not only be reading but must also be practising speaking. For this, ensure that you participate in as many mock group discussions as possible. 
  • Personal interviews: Personal interviews can test your personality, confidence in your background, knowledge, ability to handle difficult questions, etc. Ensure that you have sufficient mock interviews; think of exciting answers for common answers. Preparation will ensure you do not get nervous. 



Following the above tips, preparing for several months before the entrance examinations, and taking guidance from those who have been through it before will ensure that you get into one of the best MBA colleges in India, such as the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management. Getting into an MBA/PGDM rests on the fundamental pillars of mathematics, English, group discussions, and personal interviews. Working on each of these will result in the best opportunities.