Top skills for a successful marketing career

What was it that prompted you to get into a marketing career?

Was it the love for storytelling or the love of interacting with people or the remarkable customer experience that comes with the job that drove you here? Well, whether you’re here because you love making new strategies or methods to keep people interested in your products, there are certain skills that you need to work on to make your career zoom right up in marketing management.

Asia Pacific creates a list of top 6 essential skills which must be ingrained well in a marketing professional to become really successful-

  1. Interpersonal communication skills Focusing more on how things are said and not just what are being said, interpersonal skills are as important as internal communication skills. As a marketer one must be aware of what is being said intentionally or unintentionally by you all the time. One should be able to use this skill to own advantage and not let it be a limiting factor.
  2. Learning Attitude- Be a learner throughout your life and you’ll never have to face failure. The minute you tell yourself that you know everything and there’s nothing more for you to know, the failure/ downfall actually begins.
  3. Cross Team Collaboration Skills- Because your marketing team needs to sync with the production team, the developer team, the video team and more, it needs to collaborate across multiple teams to develop projects.  To make sure all the teams are on the same page, you need to know how to manage and communicate well. Your cross team collaboration skills need to be exceptionally great.
  4. Storytelling skills- Story telling skills do not refer to mere cooking up stories to tell your clients because you have to sell your products. Story telling is an art which keeps your listeners hooked and all ears to you. A great marketer uses this skill to present his point, make a sales pitch, convince his clients and address a live gathering. Effective Storytelling must be relatable and you must have facts and figures ready as statistics to support your accounts. For any or all of these you need simply awesome public speaking skills which help you get across your viewpoint crystal clear.
  5.  Willingness to try new things- One of the most basic skill any marketer should possess is the keenness or willingness to try new things. The ability to take risks, the attitude to be daring enough to be the first to try out a new technique is what makes a marketer successful. You can never know what is going to click unless you try it out. 
  6. Know how to set goals- Show it to your CEO’s that you can set goals which can directly impact business objectives. Create goals which can have a direct and positive impact on the business which can actually pay off. Dismiss the popular notion that marketers are capable of only creating stories out of nothing.

Once you master the use of these skills to your organization’s advantage during and after your professional PGDM in Marketing, you are all set to take your career graph the right way up.