What are the advantages of doing a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) course in India?

best mba colleges in delhiAs we all know that management has been a favorite among students as it can guarantee a successful career and a well-paying job. Coping with management studies can be tough but very fruitful. With the changing times, the needs and demands have changed too. The internet has become a knowledge giant and also a wizard, which has an answer to everything. New India is technologically savvy now and wants everything at the click of a button. With these demands, online education has also boomed and course like PGDM has been introduced by various autonomous business schools and universities.

The advantages of doing an autonomous management course like PGDM are plenty as compared to any university management degree. Post Graduate diploma in management is a two year course which will train candidates into bright business professionals. They are trained in business economics, market structure, investment, retailing, entrepreneurship etc. Also as PGDM courses are autonomous, they are not bound to follow any university structure and also have an inherent ability to utilize academic freedom within the parameters prescribed by AICTE. These courses develop trend-setting educational programmes and processes which are also in line with industry demands.

best mba colleges in delhiAlso if we do the comparison of management degree obtained from university and from autonomous college, we found that University MBAs are administered through the bureaucratic hurdles of administration – question paper leakage, postponement of examination, delayed result and errors in marks list are the routine problems in the university MBA, but these are not the issues in autonomous colleges since the entire examination work is handled scientifically.

Another important thing to consider is that in autonomous business schools, the curriculum is revised annually to keep pace with industrial demands, teachers act as pro-active mentors and climate of learning blossoms with intellectual stimulation. Whereas most of the universities are known for outdated curriculum, authoritative teachers and forced learning climate.

Also doing a management degree from a university is crippled by several regulators like, the State government, the university, the University Grants Commission, student union leaders and other interest groups; but autonomous courses are free from such bottlenecks.

top pgdm colleges in delhi ncrIn a PGDM course, along with the rigorous classroom learning, students get vast exposure to the real world of business through live projects, industry internship, case studies, and interactions with business leaders. Management concept and techniques are simplified by simulating key business environments in the form of games and enactment of contemporary case studies. Industry experts from around the world are invited for talks and inspiration.

Autonomous business schools ensure full placement of students. Also they attract and retain the best teachers by offering competitive salaries, also provide them learning opportunities to update their knowledge, and arrange seminars and workshops by inviting industry managers. In fact autonomous institutions have got dedicated cells to look after corporate relations. With these big advantages, the industries would prefer autonomous institutions to MBA colleges for campus recruitment. After all success of a career is dependent upon aspirant’s talent but because of all above mentioned points,  it is also observed that a PGDM student carries an upper edge due to the exposure and experience he has gained during his studies.